Oh, Busy March! (Part One)

Our friends Kyle and Ingrid were in from France so we got together with them, Kyle’s mom Karen (my dear friend) and sister Kaci for a nice brunch in Fort Worth before they got on a plane back to Europe.  Fun to catch up with all!


Next it was granddaughter Ally’s 10th birthday.  Hard to believe this girl has hit double digits!  Ally is very sociable, friendly to all and makes friends wherever she goes, silly and sassy,  loves reading, basketball and softball, playing board games, cooking with Grandpa, doing arts and crafts, AND she is one of our best travel partners.  We love her so!


We enjoyed Open House at Elle and Beck’s school.  Fun to see all that they are doing!

Aidan and Ally came for Spring Break and we had a blast, as always.   They are such good kids. We went on a hike, played lots of games, went to the movies, cooked, tried to swim (still too cold!), played with the cats, had ice cream, worked in the garden, met up with Sarah’s kids to go to Altitude (a place with trampolines, etc), set up an apartment for a refugee man from Afghanistan,  and celebrated birthdays (Ally’s late and Aidan’s coming up at the end of the month).  Oh, yeah, and Uncle David came to spend the night with us on his way back to Amarillo!





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