April–Vesta’s Visit

As soon as we got back from Amarillo, Rich’s sister Vesta arrived from California for a week’s visit.  We had a good time visiting and catching up, hanging out, chatting and reminiscing.  The Dallas Arboretum was in full bloom, including a “Flower Power” exhibit with old VW buses and bugs–very cool.  Also featured were sculptures from Zimbabwe, which were amazing and beautiful. Another day we went to a gardening workshop, to the Dallas Farmer’s Market, and drove through Dealey Plaza.  Sarah, Miles and kids joined us for dinner at the house and lots of good conversation and big laughs ensued.

We took a road trip to Oklahoma City to see Rich and Vesta’s step-nephews and to pick up a couple of boxes of family treasures and mementoes from Rich’s late brother George and sister in law Nadine. It was good to see everyone and to share memories and stories. We miss George and Nadine.


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