April–Amarillo Trip

I guess I am way too busy living life to stop and write about it.  Now May is almost done!  Here’s a quick round-up of April.  Okay, the start of a round-up of April.  It’s gonna take more than one post, I am now realizing.

First, a trip to Amarillo to see the crew there.  For Christmas, Emery had requested tickets to see the live production of “Beauty and the Beast” at an Amarillo theater.  We bought the tickets and were able to arrange the trip to Amarillo so I could go with her, along with Bonnie, her other grandmother, and a couple of friends.  We had front row seats and a wonderful time. The play was mostly performed by local high school students and I was super impressed with their talent.  They had fabulous singing voices and all could act very well.  Bonnie knew several of them from her teaching days at Amarillo High and Emery was thrilled to get to chat with and take photos with many of them after the show.  It was great fun and a big success.

We had a blast with all three kids (and their parents) and also got to visit with my niece Bryana, her husband Seth, and their two daughters Lilly and Daisy.

And we got to go to a ceramic painting place for an outing with the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program–had a blast painting bowls and cups which we had to leave behind to be fired, so I never saw the finished products.  🙂  We had dinner at David’s parents’ and celebrated both Bonnie and David’s birthdays.  The last day I dropped Emery off at school while Bonnie took Luke, and then we hit the road back to Dallas.  Always love our time with these sweeties and it goes by way too quickly!

And happy birthday to our son in law David!  He’s one of the nicest, friendliest, kindest people we know, a fun Daddy and a wonderful teacher (teacher of the year at his school several times!) and a fabulous photographer. It’s always a good time when we’re with Dave!  We love him bunches.

We’re only to April 6. Oh, no!


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