More May Happenings

The local grandkids gave me an insulated drinking glass with straw for Mother’s Day, “because you love your tea!”  They always tease me about carrying a glass of tea with me any time I come to their house, and they know it’s my drink of choice.  🙂  And to top it off, it says “Gigi.”  I love it.  Mother’s Day was pretty quiet; Elle had a soccer tournament so we kept the boys for part of the day.  My other daughters called and posted sweet notes on Facebook, and I talked with my mom.  Eventually these holidays start feeling a little forced and I run out of things to say or gifts to give, but I’m grateful for the three girls who made me a mother and the eight little darlings who make me a grandmother.  And I’m thankful for my mom who is still going strong at 86.  She’s the perfect example of someone who loves people, loves life, and loves learning new things. She’ll talk to anyone, and try (almost) anything once.    She’s interested in everything she reads about or hears about and the next thing you know, she’s signed up for a class or an activity so she can get in on it too. I get my “joiner” tendencies from her and I hope I will be as busy and involved when I am 80-something.   She’s open- minded, open-hearted, the keeper of family history, and full of funny stories. She’s a fabulous mom and the coolest grandmother ever to her many grandkids and great-grandkids.  My girls have all become wonderful mothers themselves and I love to see them with their kids.  It’s funny that sometimes I feel like I should still be their age–and where did this grandmotherly woman come from?  🙂

Ally has been playing softball and we had been wanting to watch but hadn’t been able to work it out till recently.  She had a great time last year and did a good job as her team’s catcher so she couldn’t wait for the season to start again. This year she moved up to the next age level and the competition is a LOT harder!  Oh, my goodness, those 10 year olds are already doing “fast-pitch” softball! I don’t think I could have hit one of those balls!  Great fun watching Ally and her friends!

Meanwhile, back in Dallas, it’s getting hot enough to swim, we’re continuing with baseball (Beck) and soccer (Elle), working in the garden, doing chores around the house, volunteering, and taking advantage of all the free things that the city of Dallas offers.  The other day Rich and I went to a Senior Safety Summit sponsored by the Police Department.  We only stayed for the morning session but who can beat free breakfast, free lunch, information from lots of agencies and programs, and some safety tips from the police?


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