April Fun

My ex-sister-in-law Lisa called me one day to say her daughter, son in law, and five kids were flying into DFW from Japan for a visit (they’re stationed there with the Air Force) and would I help her pick them up because they wouldn’t all fit in her car?  🙂  Of course! I’ve seen my niece Missy once when she came home by herself but I hadn’t seen her husband Brian or their kids in several years.  We left early because Lisa was so excited to get them, and of course we ran into lots of backed up traffic, a GPS that took us on a weird alternate route, and the usual issues of trying to get somewhere in a big city.  Still, we arrived early, parked our cars, and went into baggage claim to watch for them to come through the doors.  The plane finally landed but sat on the runway for another 40 minutes waiting for a gate!  By this time Lisa was beside herself!  Finally the kids arrived and a happy reunion took place. Brian and the boys rode with me so we chatted about life and then both carloads stopped to eat on our way back to their aunt’s house.  It was great to have a quick visit and catch up on all of their news.   Aren’t they cute?


A few days later, Rich and I drove to Bowie, TX to see our friends Linda and Martin from California.  We met them on our Australian cruise a few years ago and have stayed in touch–went to Oklahoma to meet them last year when they were visiting family.  They were back in Oklahoma to greet a new grandbaby but we decided to meet halfway this time and Bowie was close to being “it.”  We had a pleasant drive and got together for lunch at a place that was a combination antique store/cafe.  Tables and chairs were crammed into every available space, which made it hard for customers to look at the antiques, but what a good idea for making some extra money in an antique store. In fact, they probably sell more lunches!  We enjoyed chatting and looking around at the oddities and mementoes; then, of course, we had to drive out to see the world famous giant Bowie knife.  What would a visit to Bowie be without seeing the knife?!  All in all, a fun jaunt for the day.

And baseball!  Six year olds are the cutest!  Beck and his team are improving game by game and learning the rules as they go.  They get three tries to hit the ball pitched by the coach and if they don’t get one, they try again with the tee.  Everyone hits and then it’s the other team’s turn.  No score is kept but basically anyone who gets on base eventually makes it home.  🙂   PS It’s hot out there already!



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