Finishing out April

Babysitting, volleyball, out to breakfast with Jack, a little one on one time with Beck.

The Dallas Public Library sponsors a huge (*free*) book fair every year with all kinds of speakers and sessions on a wide variety of topics. Rich and I spent most of the day there and I was in nerd-heaven!  We attended the first session on street photography together and then went our separate ways.  I went to a couple of panel discussions by women authors, a talk on race and racism and another on patriarchy, bought several books and stood in line to get them signed by the authors.  🙂   Meanwhile, Rich attended a session on coffee and another on chocolate making, then browsed the cookbook section. The downtown main library is huge (8 floors!) and we will have to go back again to explore all of its offerings.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers came to town and I’d been watching ticket prices, trying to decide if we could/should go or not.  I hate it that concerts are so expensive!  And it’s so hard to get good seats!  Here’s a blast from the past: a ticket to Bruce Springsteen for yes, $7.50.  My, how things have changed!


Anyhoooo, one good thing about living right here in Dallas is that we can wait till the last minute to make a decision!  An hour before the concert, we bought some nosebleed section tickets for $32 each and jumped in the car to go downtown for the show.  We were literally in the last row at the top of the venue but it was great anyway.  Joe Walsh was the opening act and actually sounded really good.  I was especially fascinated that he had two drummers and they were great!  Tom Petty was very humble and thankful for all the fans coming out and sounded pretty much like he’s always sounded.  I dislike it greatly when these old guys from our past come out and sound so weak and off key.  🙂  I think they should know when it’s time to hang it up but I guess that’s hard to do.  We were glad we made it to the show, last minute or not.  Oh yeah, we were puzzled and disappointed that the Heartbreakers did not play their biggest, best known hit “Breakdown.”  What’s up with that?  Not the best pix from the rafters but thank goodness for the big screen!

We finished out the month by attending a Bill Maher show–he was hilarious and irreverent and right on the mark with his observations about the current state of affairs. He can be raunchy but I love him anyway and appreciate his stance on most issues.  We were up top so I didn’t even try to get a photo with my phone!  This was a make-up appearance because he’d had to cancel in February due to plane issues.  He said he has only missed two appearances in all of his years as a comedian and both were circumstances beyond his control as he prides himself on keeping his commitments.  Anyway, apparently he treated everyone who missed the first show (and returned for this one) to a free barbecue dinner before the performance, plus he donated his fees to several local nonprofits.  Unfortunately we did not get in on the free meal because we had not actually bought tickets to the first show–picked some up when he rescheduled.  Still, well played, Bill.  🙂

Bill Maher Performs At The Pearl At The Palms Casino Resort


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