It’s May!

Bonnie and her kids were in Granbury for her cousin’s wedding and decided to come back to Dallas to visit for a few days afterwards. We were happy to have them and they had a great time with their cousins as well.  It’s always fun to see the kids enjoying their time together.

We are getting in our share of concerts this year.  Sarah and Miles, Rich and I went to see Kings of Leon–we bought our tickets separately and weren’t sitting together but saw them before the show and gave them a ride home when they found out that Uber wouldn’t pick them up at the venue.  Lucky for them Gigi and Grandpa didn’t leave early!  🙂  Another great show and lots of fun to see the band in person.

Beck has started taking piano lessons and had his first recital a couple of weeks ago.  There were over 40 performances and I was kinda dreading it, truth be told.  Of course we wanted to see Beck play,  but weren’t sure we wanted to sit through all those other kids’ turns!  In the end, we enjoyed the whole show quite a bit.  There were students from PreK through 12th grade and I have to say that they all did a fabulous job–quite a bit of talent there!  We were super proud of Beck and he played “The Mickey Mouse Club” very well.  He was one of the youngest students and was so cute.  I took piano lessons a few years ago in Alaska and never progressed very far so I was a bit envious that even the 7 year olds were better than I was.  🙂



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