Reunions and Road Trips

We made some wonderful friends during our years in Unalaska and we’re always thrilled when our paths cross again.  A few months ago, Kelly and Steve noted that they would be in San Antonio for a work related trip of Kelly’s.  She’d be tied up for a conference but we could meet in the evening.  San Antonio’s not too terribly far (okay, nothing seems that far after living in remote Alaska, right?) and my sister and family also live there so it was a no-brainer to take a drive in that direction.

My sister Kathi and niece Jordan joined us for dinner with our friends at a nice place on the River Walk.  It was a great treat to get to hang out with family and to see Kelly and Steve again after a year and a half away.  I think there’s something about living in a far-away place that bonds people to stay close in heart even if many miles away.  Wish we’d had more time, but glad we had an opportunity to visit!  We then spent the night with Kathi before hitting the road the next morning when she went off to her long-term substitute teaching job.  For someone who has retired from teaching, she sure does teach a lot!  🙂

Sarah and Miles gifted us two nights in hotels on our way back as a “thank you” for helping them out with the grandkids on a regular basis.  Although we love doing it, it’s still awfully nice to be acknowledged and to know that we are appreciated!  Thanks, kids!

We decided to spend the first night in Kerrville.   We enjoyed the drive through the Texas Hill Country, though I think we’d already missed the peak of the yearly wildflower bloom along the roadways.  It’s known for its large annual folk festival and other happenings, but Kerrville was pretty quiet at this point and we didn’t find a lot going on. First we stopped at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant we’d read about and had a good taco lunch, then walked around downtown which was kinda dead on a weekday afternoon and there weren’t a lot of shops that we were interested in.  We found the Guadalupe River and decided to wander along a pathway which was quite pretty.  We saw two deer, lots of birds, and a bunch of beautiful flowers as we wound our way back toward town.  By then we were hot and sweaty and ready to get to our air-conditioned car!  So spoiled, I know! We were still full from lunch so skipped dinner and had a nice night of relaxation in our hotel.  Well, I think Rich did go out late at night for a Whataburger or something! LOL  In the morning we stopped for breakfast (which ended up turning into lunch) at a place called Hippie Chick’s, then off to Fredericksburg for Day Two.

I used to love Fredericksburg when I lived in Abilene years ago–it was a cool little town with a number of unique and interesting shops, German themed bars and restaurants, and fun places to visit.  We found our B&B, checked in and dropped our stuff, and went out to walk around town, stopping in several shops but didn’t buy anything other than some peach butter and a dip mix!  Saw some cute clothes and some nice household decor but nothing we wanted to spend money on.  There was a farmer’s market that day and we *love* a good farmer’s market so we strolled through and took a look around.  Stopped in a bar to get a drink and cool off a little, and then had a very nice dinner at a German place called Otto’s.

The B&B only serves breakfast on weekends but gave us a voucher to use at one of three restaurants the next AM.  We chose a cute German bakery and diner that had huge German pancakes; of course I had to try one! We took the scenic route home, which took a bit longer but was more fun than lots of highway driving.  It was a great little getaway and we enjoyed our time off by ourselves!


2 thoughts on “Reunions and Road Trips”

  1. I love the photos from Fredericksburg, especially the farmer’s market. The “scapes” for sale sent me off to the dictionary to find out what they were, which sent me along a pleasant diversion to recipes one can use for garlic scapes. Now I want to find a farmer’s market!


    1. Farmer’s markets are one of our fave places to stop when we are traveling around. Always love it when we find one, even if we don’t buy a thing! I had no idea what a scape was, either!


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