Voting, Soccer, Babysitting

Apparently Dallas is well known for having a terrible voter turnout, especially in local elections.  Our city councilperson is one of the more progressive, thankfully, and had no trouble being re-elected.  I signed up to be a volunteer registrar but only had the chance to take part in one registration activity before the election. We will mostly be focusing on 2018 and voting out some of the right wing Republicans.  What are the odds?

We also went to a very raucous town hall meeting with our state senator. I have to admit that I don’t think it is a great idea for people to be downright rude and nasty toward an elected official. There were a couple of people there who did not do themselves or the liberal cause any favors.  Embarrassing!

We kept Sarah and Miles’ kids for a few days while they were out of town. Elle’s team won a soccer tournament, then she had the STAAR test the next two days, which was a little nerve wracking for her but her parents left her some encouragement and little surprises to help her get through it.  Jack helped us in the garden one day and we wore him out running errands. Beck was his funny, silly self and kept the mood positive–they are great kids and we had a busy, fun time.

We dropped everyone off at school and a babysitter would take over for the last day while we headed out to San Antonio.


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