Aidan’s Here

School’s out and Ally has gone to stay with Corey’s grandmother in Brady, TX.  Aidan stayed home because he had a motocross race last week and when we were there in Clyde recently he told us, “I am going to come to Dallas before I go to Brady.”  I asked, “Are your parents aware of this?”  “No!” he said.  I told him he might want to discuss it!  He is 14 now and Ally is 10 so I think their age difference is big enough that they don’t really enjoy the same things any more and don’t really like to hang out together all that much. I think he wanted to come by himself rather than both of them coming together. So we told  Susan and Corey that was fine with us and they could either come separately this year or both come together at some point, whatever works out.  Everything was fairly vague and I said just to let us know if and when he was coming alone.

Meanwhile Sarah and Miles and all three kids were going to Detroit and Chicago for a vacation and a soccer tournament for Elle.  Although we enjoy all of the time we have with the grandkids here in Dallas, we were thinking it would be nice to have a little downtime while they were gone!  🙂 So, of course, Susan called to say that Aidan wanted to come last Friday, which was the exact day Sarah and family were leaving.  So much for downtime, right?!  I know we could have said no or postponed his visit,  but when a 14 year old wants to come spend time with the grandparents, you don’t really pass that up.  I know those days will come to an end when he will have more important and more fun things to do than to hang out with the old folks. So we said yes, of course, come on!

We met Susan and Corey halfway to pick Aidan up on Friday.  We ran into a lot of hard, driving rain on the way but still made it in good time, got Aidan, and headed back to Dallas.  On the way home, the weather took a turn for the worse, we had a ton of traffic, wrecks on the highway, delays, problem after problem and it took us four hours to drive 91 miles!  OMG, what a day! We were tired by the time we got to the house.

We’ve been having fun and keeping Aidan occupied.  There was a free family day at a samurai exhibit on Saturday, which we all enjoyed. We’ve been to the garden a few times, he and Rich went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, we’ve watched movies at home, played Rack-o and Mexican Train, got in the pool, gone out for frozen yogurt, been to the store several times, and today we went shopping for and set up an apartment for a refugee family arriving from Afghanistan.  I signed all of us up for the library’s summer reading program so he is reading 20 minutes a day and we also got him on the Kahn Academy website so he is working on his math skills there.  We keep looking for more things to do and have a few ideas in mind, plus Saturday is one of our required work days in the community garden so we will drag him along with us.  🙂

He’s really a good kid and very pleasant every day.  I know he did not want to get up early this morning and do the apartment set up but he got out of bed as soon as I woke him and did not complain at all.  I appreciate that! We’re not sure how long he is staying but we will enjoy the time we have!


2 thoughts on “Aidan’s Here”

  1. That just made me smile! What a handsome young man he is, but to couple that with respectful? WooHoo, jackpot! I think it all looks like fun. I love seeing your veggies!


    1. Thanks! Veggies are doing great for the most part and we are enjoying them for dinner on a regular basis. We are pretty proud of Aidan, as you can tell. 🙂 Totally agree that we hit the jackpot!

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