“These Songs are Still Relevant Today”

U2 is one of my all time favorite bands so when we heard they were touring for the 30th anniversary of their “Joshua Tree” album, of course I had to see about getting tickets.  My friend Karen and her daughter Kaci wanted to go, and my daughter Sarah as well.  Kaci is a huge fan and had never seen the band before so she and I decided we’d both go online at the opening of ticket sales and hope that one of us could get four tickets. As usual, tickets were immediately sold out.  I really have a hard time understanding how that can  happen but it seems to be my experience any time I am trying to get tickets to a well known act.  Finally Kaci was able to score four tickets in the nosebleed section, which irritated me to no end but at least we were able to get into the building, right?!  As the months went by, I would log in periodically and check to see if I could find anything better but I really couldn’t unless I wanted to pay an exorbitant price to a third party seller, plus fees, etc.  So we sucked it up and kept our crappy seats.  :O

As a side note, Susan and Corey had planned to come to town the same day for a Soundgarden concert at a different venue so we were going to meet up for dinner and then go our separate ways.  Sadly, singer Chris Cornell committed suicide the week before they were to be in Dallas.  I hated to hear that news.  Rich and I had just been listening to some Soundgarden and Audioslave tunes in the car driving to Clyde for Ally’s softball game.  As a mental  health professional I can certainly understand from a clinical point of view how a person can come to the place of feeling that life is no longer worth living.  But it’s still sad and I am sorry that individuals get to the point that it seems like the best option they have. He was a talented guy and a humanitarian and left behind two young daughters.  I know he will be missed.

Susan and Corey decided to go to Waxahachie instead to visit some friends but they first came by our house to spend most of the day.  We had a good visit, Rich fixed homemade pizza for lunch, Susan went with me to the store to buy some beach towels and stopped for groceries, we hung out awhile, and then all went over to Sarah and Miles’ so they could say hello.


Originally Karen and Kaci were going to come in to Dallas for dinner and then we were all going to ride to the concert together but we decided it was silly for them to drive through Arlington (where the concert was) only to turn around and go back; it was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and there was also a Rangers game going on so we were pretty worried about traffic. All of this led Sarah and me to catch an Uber over to Arlington to meet Karen and Kaci for dinner near the stadium before the concert.

Our Uber driver was an older woman who kept up a running commentary about places she’d lived, schools she’d attended, landmarks around town and so on as we drove through Dallas.  It took us over an hour with the traffic so it was a good thing we didn’t keep our original plan.  We had a fun dinner that took forever and left the restaurant with no time to spare. Parking at the venue was going to be $45 so we decided we’d leave Karen and Kaci’s vehicles in the lot at the restaurant and take an Uber the short distance to the concert.  Of course traffic was terrible and we didn’t arrive till 7:10 for a 7 o’clock show.  Luckily The Lumineers, the opening act, had not gone on yet.  I suppose due to the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in the UK, there was heightened security and we were all “wanded” at the door.  The security guard asked me if I had on a belt or anything metal because the wand was beeping. I said no, just my jeans, and lifted up my shirt as my daughter turned around with a puzzled look on her face.  🙂  We were soon waved in and found our seats in the highest rafters, at least with a good view of the two stages.  We were also facing a huge screen at the stadium so we thought we would be able to see the band there, but alas, they never used it and we were left to watch some little ants far, far away.

The Lumineers were good but the sound system at ATT Stadium was horrible and we couldn’t make out anything that was said between songs.  The music sounded kinda murky as well but it was fun to see them for the first time.  Finally around 9 PM, U2 took the stage.  Despite the bad seats, the not-the-best acoustics, and not being able to see anything close up, we had a wonderful time singing along on all of these great songs that, as Bono stated, are still relevant today with the current state of the world.  Maybe even more so than when they were first played 30 years ago. Like a Springsteen show, a U2 show is half spiritual experience, half rock and roll party.  There’s a message and a dash of activism and a bit of preaching going on, along with the music being played full-out, joyfully, alternately loud, raucous and quiet, introspective.  I could hear Sarah singing along next to me, telling me several times, “This is the soundtrack to my childhood!”  I remember having “The Joshua Tree” on a cassette tape which I played constantly in the car driving the kids from activity to activity when they were young. I’m sure they knew it by heart at the time!  Something about those memories along with hearing the songs in person had me crying throughout the night!  It was very emotional.  We were all in awe and were so glad we went.

Afterwards we had a bit of a comedy as we trekked to a nearby parking lot to try to get an Uber back to the restaurant.  There were a ton of people waiting to be picked up and we couldn’t get a ride.  Kaci talked with one driver who didn’t want to take us such a short distance and hung up on her.  They were having “surge” pricing since they were in high demand and only wanted to take people on long distance rides so they could make more money.  We then decided it wasn’t “that far” and we could walk back.  At first we were on the street with lots of other people and eventually the crowd thinned out till we were almost completely on our own, after midnight, in an unfamiliar place. Thankfully we had GPS.  :O  It took us about 20 minutes and by then we were hot and sweaty, I was rubbing a blister on my foot, and we were nice and tired, but we made it with no problem. Then we still had to fight the traffic back to Dallas, finally arriving home at 1 AM.  All in all, well worth it!!

Karen and Kaci spent the night and we had a nice visit the next day till Kaci headed to Houston for a visit and Karen went back home to Abilene.  No rest for Rich and me as we had to get our apartment ready for some short term renters spending Memorial Day weekend!


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