Birthdays and Father’s Day

I consider myself very fortunate to have three great sons in law.  Honestly, these guys are all very hard working, responsible, kind and caring, and super sweet to their mother in law–which you know is not always the case! I lucked out!  They are all good human beings, fine husbands to my daughters, and wonderful dads.  Happy Father’s Day to Miles, David and Corey!

We had a quiet Father’s Day. Although Rich has no kids, he was a great step-dad to his ex-wife’s kids and still stays in touch with them and their kids as best he can.  He came into our family when my girls were grown but they love him and the grandkids have always known him as “Grandpa” without worrying about blood relations. We babysat Sarah’s kids the night before and  said we were going to take a day off after all the recent activity.  So we mostly lazed around the house–a nice day!

June is also a big birthday month. We celebrated my 63rd while Aidan was still here; I had volunteer work that day and the ladies at the agency had a nice potluck for me and another volunteer, Gabriele.  Although we are often miles apart on social issues and political leanings, I really do love these women and enjoy our time together each week.  Later, Rich fixed fajitas for my birthday dinner and we had a good evening at home with Aidan while Sarah’s family was still out of town. I failed to get any pictures, though!

Grandson Luke is my birthday buddy, born on the same day 5 years ago. What a great birthday present for me!  He is a sweet boy with a very kind spirit  (even got the “Heart of Gold” award at his Preschool–something that thrills his social worker grandma to no end!), loves superheroes and pretending, running and playing, teasing his sisters, telling jokes and stories, and keeping us all laughing.  We love him like crazy!

Finally, happy birthday to my hubby, who is 8 days younger than I am and doesn’t ever let me forget it. 🙂 He is not much into celebrations so we spent the day running errands and then he cooked dinner because he did not want to go out for his birthday. I was going to make him a banana cake at his request but at the last minute he decided he didn’t want one since we are back on our “eating healthy and trying to go to the gym” kick.  I’m thankful for our peaceful, happy life and grateful that he took to being a Grandpa in a big way even though he married into this mess after my girls were adults.  The grandkids love him and he is much more fun than I am, just ask them! We’ve had lots of adventures in the last 14 years and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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