Weekend Update

I haven’t done one of these in awhile.  When you’re retired, sometimes the weekdays and the weekends run together and you don’t remember it’s the weekend till it’s gone.  Other times the weekend is just too busy to sit down and gather your thoughts and post anything at all.  And sometimes the new neighbors next door are having a very very very loud party in the back yard on a Saturday night and you want to be friendly and welcoming and not a crotchety old lady and so you don’t say anything even though it’s super annoying to have to listen to a bunch of whooping and hollering at 12:46 AM.  You wonder what in the world they are finding they have to yell about at this hour. Seriously, have fun, kids, but don’t yell so loudly that I can hear you even with my windows and doors shut, the air conditioner on, and the TV turned up to something like 45 on the volume-0-meter (hubby’s doing; I will just place the blame on him right here and now).

So since I am still up enjoying the party to which I was not invited, I think I will do a weekend update.  Here ya go.

I haven’t done much with Refugee Services lately–they haven’t had a lot of tasks listed on the weekly opportunity email and I think perhaps the numbers of refugees have diminished. I’m hopeful to do something again soon. Meanwhile, here are some books that look like interesting reading.

Sad that this brilliant woman’s life was cut so short.

A fun story from my former hometown.

I’m in a tizzy about the health care bill.  If you think you will never need Medicaid, read this.

Or this.

Awesome. Watch! 

Great books for encouraging kindness in kids.

I love this guy. Wish I lived in Wisconsin so I could vote for him.

Odd.  But amusing.  Or amusing but odd.  Whatever.

Happy weekend, everyone.  Sleep well while the partiers party on.






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