Bonnie and kids arrive

Monday Bonnie and her three came in from Amarillo by way of Roanoke where they’d already been for a couple of days, visiting David’s sister and her family.  Of course, the cousins love seeing each other and have been having a ball!

Rich and I had tickets to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt on Monday night so Aidan and Ally stayed with everyone else at Sarah’s.  Although we love having everyone here, it was kinda nice to have a night off after the busy weekend. 🙂  The concert was fab and both still sound really strong. So nice to see more of our “oldsters” that can carry a tune and rock out at their age!

Tuesday was Aidan and Ally’s last night so Miles cooked out at their house and the kids had one last hurrah.  Elle came home with us to spend the night with Ally and Emery; by then all of Bonnie’s family had moved over to our house.


Wednesday we drove the kids halfway to meet their mom and the mood in the car was quite somber.  I’m glad they really enjoy coming to see us (and let’s admit it, probably more to see their cousins!)  Aidan won a new book and a ticket to a Texas Rangers game for reading enough hours in the library’s summer challenge, so that was pretty cool.  I think he was proud, even though he acts like it’s no big deal.  We miss them already and were glad that there were a couple of days’ overlap with all 8 kids here together.  Fun times!


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