We have three grandkids here in Dallas, three way out in Amarillo (6 hours’ drive away) and two in Clyde, near Abilene (3 hours’ drive).  They range in age from 14  years to two almost-three-year-olds.  As you can imagine, three towns, a wide range of ages and interests and activities, and parents with varying schedules make it very hard for all of us to get together at the same time.  We were thrilled to have a little bit of an overlap on this trip with Aidan and Ally still here when Bonnie and her crew arrived. Even though we didn’t have all of the adults, it was still pretty sweet to have all of the kids.  Bonnie’s husband David is a photographer and Bonnie has assisted him in quite a few photo shoots so I figured she could manage to get a group shot of the kids for me–something I’ve wanted for awhile and haven’t had an opportunity to get.  We were on a tight time frame and I was halfway afraid it would  never happen but I give credit to my girls for making time and taking on the project for their mom.

While Jack was napping, Sarah and Bonnie took the other 7 down the street from Sarah’s house to a wooded area and knocked out quite a few photos of individuals and groups.  By the time Jack woke up, it was getting late and I was thinking they might just blow it off and say it wasn’t gonna happen but they persisted and got all the kids dressed again and went back out.  Imagine trying to corral 8 kids of various ages and temperaments and trying to get all to look in the vicinity of the photographer while putting on a semi-happy face! At this point, Luke was *DONE* with photos and didn’t really want to cooperate.  If you look closely at the group pix of all 8, he is not looking too pleased.  🙂 He also did not want any individual pix taken so we don’t have any of him except a few of him crying, poor boy!  Aidan looks a little bored or “over it” with the later group pix, too.  And some of the little ones didn’t want to stand still or get in line! haha But these photos sure do make Gigi happy.


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