Winding down our full summer of fun

Bonnie and kids left yesterday; I went to my volunteer work and then came home and vegged out on the couch for most of the rest of the day! Now we will have a quiet house for about a week before we head off on our road trip to the left coast.

In the past week, some or all of us:

Swam a lot–at our house, at Sarah’s house, and dinner/swimming at Sarah and Miles’ athletic club

Had a nice family dinner at home with the whole gang, including my ex’s aunt who is full of life at age 90

Celebrated Ada’s 3rd birthday a little bit early

Spent about 10 minutes in the park on a super hot day

Enjoyed Grandpa’s homemade pizza for lunch and had a little picnic on the front porch

Read stories, practiced math and reading

Went to the library

Watched Elle play soccer, score lots of goals, and win a tournament with her team (plus messy ice cream for the rest of the kids)

Made friends with Ajax (but not Kali)  🙂

Had sleepovers

Made ice cream and cookies

Enjoyed lunch with another of my ex’s aunts

Watched movies and played games

Went out for frozen yogurt

Went to Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us

Told stories, reminisced and laughed

Made lots of memories

Can’t believe summer is coming to a close!  The kids are anticipating school starting and son in law David is already back at his campus getting ready to teach.  Seems like it was only May a few days ago–it’s been a packed few months but we’ve loved every minute of it.  So glad the grandkids could spend part of it with us!




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