Weekend Update

Plants are coming along!  I am encouraged that no rats have eaten the core out of the broccoli and brussels sprouts (SO FAR) this year.  Fingers crossed that we will get to harvest some.  We’ve had several tasty salads with our greens.  Anxiously awaiting the rest of the veggies.  It’s been warm for December so that’s probably helping.

I’m really disheartened by the tax bill in Congress, the growing list of sexual harassers, the craziness that is our so-called president, and the general state of affairs in the world today. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  Hurry up, Mueller, and let us know if there are more indictments coming.  Fingers crossed.

Here are some interesting reads for this week:

We loved Iceland when we visited a few years ago.  This is encouraging!  I believe there’s a new young female leader in New Zealand as well.

I am not a football fan but I am proud of Colin Kaepernick’s devotion to social justice.

Speaking of the tax bill….

Cool news from my former home in Alaska.  I knew these two when they were kids.

Great choice. 

I’ve been trying to do more of this.  


Have a good week!



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