We Never had This Many Visitors in Alaska!

Bonnie’s kids had a four day weekend for President’s Day so she decided to come see us while David stayed home to work.  Emery went to her cousin Willow’s birthday outside of Dallas so she wasn’t here at first.  Then my sister Kathi, niece Alana, Alana’s son Oren and Alana’s friend Melony came for part of the same time so we had quite a crew and a lot of fun, as always!  We all got together at Sarah and Miles’ for brunch and all the cousins had a good time together.  Ada called Oren “our new cousin.”  🙂

My friend Debby is a nurse practitioner and college professor in Florida who mentioned in her Christmas letter that she would be coming to Fort Worth for a nursing conference in February and could we meet?  Of course! We knew each other in 5th though 8th grades when our dads were stationed at Rhein Main AFB in Germany (wow, so long ago!).  We kept in touch after we both moved away and had only seen each other twice as adults.  The first time, I was living in Waco with my ex and was pregnant with Sarah; Debby and her then-husband were stationed at Ft. Hood in Killeen. We decided to meet and drive to Austin to go Christmas shopping.  The roads were super icy and I am not sure why I thought we could still make it.  I slid all over the road trying to get to the meeting spot to pick her up.  She got in the car and we still didn’t stop to think that it wasn’t a great idea.  Off we went and had not gone too far down the highway when I slid off the road and hit a mile marker sign!  Damaged my pretty little 280-Z and we had to limp all the way back at a very slow speed. I can still remember that my ex’s first question was about the car and not about us!  🙂 Anyway, we never got to shop and I don’t think we saw each other again when we lived in the same area.  The next year we moved to NJ so I could go go to graduate school and she and her husband were transferred to North Jersey for his job after he got out of the Army.  Sarah was a toddler at the time and we went up for a quick visit.  Debby says she remembers the car wreck but not the second visit. LOL  So we have managed to keep in touch, mostly at Christmas time, through all of these years–kids and divorces and remarriages and grandkids and moves from one place to the next.  We figured we hadn’t seen each other in about 36 years.  I think we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum but we didn’t get into any land mines and just enjoyed a nice dinner out and catching up in person for a change instead of in Christmas letters and occasional emails. Oh, and I decided to take the train from Dallas to Ft. Worth and it worked out great!  The station was not far from her hotel and it was an easy walk over, then a quick Lyft ride back from the restaurant.  SO much better than driving to Fort Worth and back, especially in the dark.

Then my brother Joe and sister in law Denise came through on their way to  Belize for a sailing trip with their Marine Corps buddies.  We all met up for lunch and had a nice visit with them and some of their friends. Can you see why I haven’t had time to post?!  Oh, and I had a day of jury duty thrown in there, too, sat around most of the day but didn’t get picked.

Granddaughter Ally has been playing basketball but we hadn’t managed to make it to Clyde to see her till a couple of weeks ago. Wowie, 10 year olds can play!  Ally was great at defending and made some good baskets.  Lots of fun to watch!  And bonus to see Susan, Corey, Aidan, and our friend Karen as well.


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