May Round-Up, Part 1

Well, I have fallen down on the job once again!  I have to finish May before I get started on June!

Two of my co-volunteers at White Rock Center of Hope went with me to a panel discussion on poverty in Dallas. We met first to have dinner together, which was lovely, and then on to the event.  It was quite interesting, though I am not sure any real answers were presented. I know it’s a tough topic and there’s no magic solution but I sure wish we could figure out a way to make life easier for the folks living on the edge in Dallas and elsewhere.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about housing lately and it’s such a huge problem here.  Even one of the panelists, a woman who is fairly new to working for the city, stated that people making $100,000 a year have a hard time finding housing in Dallas.  Now what does that say for those living on much, much less?

Garden update: doing great this year so far!  We have blossoms on our cantaloupe and eggplant, hurray! AND first potatoes are harvested! AND we’ve managed to win the battle of the bugs and varmints to this point, but I might be jinxing myself just by saying so.

Beck is now taking piano lessons at a local school of music.  We attended his recital and it was great to see lots of students playing lots of instruments, even some pretty young kids playing and singing in bands.  My faves (besides my grandson’s performance of “Ode to Joy,” of course) were the young girls playing guitar and bass and fronting bands as singers.  Yes!  The teachers got up and jammed with the students, too, and it sure looked like they love what they do.

Mother’s Day was very nice.  Sarah and Elle took me for a pedicure, then we all had lunch together at their house in between Elle’s soccer games.  I talked with Bonnie and Susan and my mom, and Rich took me out to dinner (even though I am not his mother).  Later in the month Bonnie came to town and gave me some cute vases for my shelf and a drawing of all 8 grandkids from all of my girls.

Sarah and I were invited back to Seek the Peace where we had dinner with some of the same beautiful refugee girls we met at Christmas time, hung out with them and chatted, and learned how to make a flower arrangement.  All of the girls made arrangements to take to their moms  or a significant person in their lives.  I am really impressed with the work being done by Seek the Peace and its Project Shine which works with adolescent girls.

My friend Susan came through on the way to her mom’s and spent one night with us.  We had a nice time chatting and laughing about various topics and indignities of life.  Bonus: she brought a mama kitty and her two sweet babies with her.  Too cute!




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