May Round-Up, Part 2

Bonnie and David had to shoot a wedding in Dallas so we kept the kids while they worked and then we got to visit a little bit, too. Sarah was out of town with her high school girlfriends so we hung out with Miles and their kids most of the weekend and traded kids back and forth while they had various activities to attend.  There was lots of swimming, playing of games, going to the park, helping us at the garden, and general tom-foolery. The last night we had the three girls, Elle, Emery and Ada, at our house and Miles kept Beck, Luke and Jack at his house.  I think we probably got the better end of that deal. LOL Then my niece Missy and her six kids came through and spent one night in our back apartment so we got to visit with them as well. They are an Air Force family, recently moved from Japan to the Boston area and came back to Texas for my great-niece Kailey’s high school graduation.  The second cousins had a good time hanging out with each other and getting to know each other a little better.  We had a crazy houseful but it’s joyful to see everyone together.

Jack’s been taking swimming lessons with two of his little buddies for a couple of months.  I’ve gone with him a few times when Sarah has had conflicts and Rich and I took him to his last day while Sarah went to Field Day at the older kids’ school.  The swimmers got to do a little demonstration of their skills and then received their certificates and awards.  Jack got the medal for “most improved” and we were proud!  He had to miss some classes when he got his tonsils out so he did a good job of catching back up! These boys are super cute friends.

The garden is going wild and we are having a hard time keeping it in check! But that’s a good problem to have.  We are eating lots of salads from our various greens and had our first beautiful, perfect, delicious baked potato. Yum.


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