Road Tripping: Kingman AZ to Albuquerque NM

We had a light breakfast at our cool hotel and got moving around 9 AM.  We tried listening to the Hamilton audiobook some more but it sure does make both of us sleepy, as noted before. We probably listened for an  hour and a half and then I told Rich if he’d find a place to get me some iced tea, I’d take over driving for awhile. I usually don’t do a lot of the driving, mainly because I think Rich prefers to drive unless he’s really tired, and I am a slower driver so he feels like we lose time when I’m behind the wheel. ha And I just can’t drive too long any more without feeling sleepy. But we stopped and got drinks and I ended up driving about two and a half hours, which is a lot for me. 🙂 We chatted part of the time and he took a few pix out the window and then he took a nap.

It was a little freaky to see a sign on the highway warning us of escaped prisoners! I looked online when we were parked and it sounded like they were a dangerous husband/wife couple who had murdered someone and then escaped by overpowering the guards who were bringing them to prison from out of state. As we drove throughout the day, we kept seeing the same electronic sign overhead so I am assuming they have not yet been caught.

I pulled off in Gallup, NM to get gas and give the wheel back to Rich. The first two gas stations had no gas when we stopped.  We only had about 19 miles left on our tank but thankfully the next place was in working order!

Then while I was checking Facebook in the car, I saw news of a shooting in the Midland/Odessa TX area. My ex brother in law and his family live in Odessa so I texted my ex sister in law to make sure they were okay.  She said she was out of town (in Amarillo, coincidentally), her older daughter and family were also out of town elsewhere, but her husband was sheltering in place at work.  So crazy. I am fed up with all of this violence but Texas is a big gun state and I don’t see things changing any time soon,  unfortunately.

Tonight we are in Albuquerque; went out for some good Mexican food and now we are stuffed and miserable. We didn’t really have time to see any sights or do anything fun. Basically just spending the night and heading on to Amarillo to my daughter Bonnie’s tomorrow. It will be fun to see all of them again, if a quick overnight once more. We need to get home on Monday!

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