Road Tripping: Albuquerque NM to Amarillo TX

Of course we did not think about the fact that Albuquerque and Amarillo are in different time zones. We were going to get on the road around 9:30 AM to go to Bonnie and David’s for the night but as you can deduce, that made it 10:30 AM in Texas.  Even though it was a shortish drive compared to some, we were both getting road weary and a bit tired of being in the car. We took turns driving, stopped a couple of times, and got to Amarillo close to 4 PM.

Luke was with a friend for awhile but the girls ran out to greet us and wanted us to play games with them right away! My ex sister in law Lisa was in town (her daughter and family also live in Amarillo) so Bonnie invited her for dinner with us.  Unfortunately my niece and family were busy with her husband’s side so we didn’t get to see them this time.  Rich made chicken and roasted veggies and a Caesar salad and we had a great dinner and conversation with Lisa.  Hadn’t seen her in awhile so it was good to hear all of her family’s news.

While we were chatting, the kids were huddled up, talking, and Emery was writing things down on pieces of paper.  They put the slips of paper in a bowl and told us we had to pull one out and “do what it says.”  I asked, “charades?” and they said no, just read it out loud and do it. LOL  This was quite hilarious as we each took turns following directions like “drink water without using your hands,” “sing your favorite song,” “do a gymnastics move” and so on. I got one that said “act like a frog.”  Being a good sport, I got down on the floor on my hands and haunches to jump forward like a frog. Much to my surprise, I could not propel myself forward from that position. I was literally frozen in place and could not move. This was such a shock to me!  We were all laughing but I seriously couldn’t believe I couldn’t jump like that any more.  And now I am still wondering “WHEN DID I LOSE THAT SKILL??”  Getting older is not that much fun sometimes! After Lisa left, we read books with the kids and then Bonnie, David and I stayed up till 2 AM talking about life and issues. Love these two and their concern for their students and the world. I know they are making a difference in their classrooms!

Morning came too quickly after the late night but our journey was winding down and we had to get home. David made us breakfast and we “reviewed” the game Sushi Go with Emery because she’d only played it once and wanted to be refreshed. Gave hugs and kisses all around and got back in our car for one last leg.


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