Road Tripping: Amarillo to Dallas TX

Rich didn’t want to get gas before we got to Bonnie’s, saying we’d get it the next morning. When we pulled into her driveway, it showed we had 10 miles left. When we left the next day, it suddenly dropped to 0. Yes, we enjoy living dangerously. LOL After paying high gas prices almost everywhere along the way, we were happy to see the cost at the Texas pump!

Driving back on Labor Day, we expected lots of traffic but were pleasantly surprised, even when we got to Dallas. I guess everyone was barbecuing right at the time we drove through. I don’t think I’ve ever seen I635 so empty! We were happy to arrive at home and see our kitties, who did fine with two different cat sitters and a neighbor checking in on them.

I wasn’t super enthused about a road trip because I feel like they get tedious after awhile and I am not that comfortable sitting in a car for hours on end.  But it really was much better than I anticipated and we had a great time everywhere we went.  In the final analysis, we drove 5,133 miles through 8 states, seeing 34 people in 21 days! We also laughingly calculated that we mooched approximately 17 meals off generous hosts.  🙂  Another fun vacation in the books! Thanks for coming along with me.

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