Alaska in the House

Tammy is one of my few good friends who are still in Unalaska.  She took her youngest daughter to start college in WA and spent some time with her other two grown kids in the Seattle area, then found a cheap ticket to Texas so we got to have a quick visit. We made the most of it and packed a lot of activities in! The first day we went to several thrift stores and quilt shops (she is a quilter and crafter…I was just along for the ride) and had lunch out. Came home and Rich made his famous fish tacos that Tammy had requested.  I told her the Texas State Fair was opening on Friday and we decided to give her the full Texas experience. The ladies at one quilt shop told us there would be a large, fabulous exhibit of quilts and other crafts at the fair so that kinda sealed the deal. We had breakfast at home and then left for the fair.  I wasn’t sure if opening day was the best day to go but it was our only opportunity. We sat for almost an hour in the car waiting to move along the road to get to the parking lot. OMG.  It was still morning when we got there but already really hot. I didn’t think we’d be outside that much; in my head I figured we’d find the building with the arts and crafts displays and then we’d be inside till we left. LOL  It was a long walk to the craft building so we were already sweating by the time we got there. We wandered the building and looked at everything but have to say we were somewhat disappointed. There were some very pretty quilts but they were hung very close to the ceiling so we couldn’t see them very well. Then the other handmade items were randomly displayed in various cases around the building without any rhyme or reason.  We were amused to see that there were lots of “winners” in the “hobby collection” categories…so you could win a ribbon just for bringing in your grandma’s silver tea set. We thought that was kinda weird…you get a ribbon for doing nothing?? 🙂

The much hyped butter sculptures were also housed in this room so we had to take a look, of course.  Tammy joked that there shouldn’t be a butter sculpture without a lot of homemade bread for us to try.  Of course the butter sculptures were in a temperature controlled case so we couldn’t get close enough to take a bite.

Then we decided we needed a drink so we left the building and started walking again. I remembered the days when there was always fresh squeezed lemonade at a fair but unfortunately now it’s all “Country Time.” Another disappointment!  I settled for a Dr Pepper!

While we had our drinks, we watched the opening day parade and then sat on some steps in the shade to listen to the Marine Corps Jazz Band for a little bit.  We found Big Tex and took pix, and bought some hamburgers for lunch.  Tammy was super impressed by all of the fried food offerings, from potato salad to sriracha to bread pudding and more. We searched for another “arts and crafts” area and couldn’t find it, asked a woman at an Information booth and she was very dismissive of us but pointed us in the right direction. When we finally arrived, we realized it was more like a flea market with various booths of people selling things, some handmade but many not.  By then we were “done” and started the long trek back to the parking lot. Tammy’s Fitbit said we eventually put in about 4 miles. We were very hot and worn out by the time we returned to the car!

Came home and we had tickets for a Food Fete at Central Market for the evening. We rested up a little and then the three of us went to the food tasting.  It was a lot of fun and we got to try appetizers, salad, beef, sushi, wine, breads and cheeses, and a bunch of desserts.  Then for good measure we went to Velvet Taco and each had a little more dinner. LOL

Saturday came quickly and we hung out at home till it was time to go to the airport. Of course we got in lots of talking and laughing and reminiscing, catching up on families and friends, and attempting to solve the world’s problems. Rich made us breakfast each morning, a Vietnamese salad the second night, and his gourmet margaritas. Tammy loved our back apartment and said she is coming again, bringing her husband, and staying for weeks!




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