Bye-bye, November

It was beautiful last weekend and we ventured over to White Rock Lake (not far from our house) to the annual ArtMart at the Bathhouse Cultural Center.  SO many talented local artists and crafters had their items for sale, it was almost overwhelming. We wandered through the whole place, intending to work our way back to purchase a few things but we left empty handed. Too many decisions?? I did take a few business cards so I can consider ordering later.  Then we stopped in at Brumley Gardens’ holiday open house. It was definitely all decorated for Christmas! We had a drink and a cookie and looked at all of the plants and displays, but again left without a purchase.  What’s up with that?!

All of the kids were with in-laws for Thanksgiving so our friends Mary and John were kind enough to invite us for dinner. Their daughter Bridget was home from college, plus their friend Mark was visiting from NYC. Also invited were a colleague of John’s (who did not want  her picture taken) and Rich’s ex-brother-in-law, Bob. So we had a funny mix of people which only made it more interesting and enjoyable for all. Not to mention great food and lively conversation! Rich contributed homemade cranberry sauce and homemade rolls and I basically showed up with gifts in hand. Can’t beat that, right?

November Birthdays

As I say every year, cousins Emery and Beck share a birthday on November 23.  Emery hit double digits and Beck turned 9. These kids share a lot of characteristics including being super smart, very creative, talented, and hilarious. They are both a little quirky and we like them like that! Emery is playing volleyball this year, loves animals, family and friends, is a great reader, writer and artist, enjoys music and dancing, has a very kind heart, thinks deep thoughts, and questions why things are the way they are. When we are together, her favorite thing is to lie in bed and talk. I love it and will be sad when the day comes that she no longer wants to chat with Gigi before going to sleep.

Likewise Beck is a great reader and thinker, comes up with lots of questions and can remember facts like no one else! He loves his family , his dogs and his friends, enjoys Minecraft and can put any kind of Legos together in a jiffy, is great at creating and figuring things out. This year he has played basketball, soccer and flag football but his first love is acting and he continues to get better and better on the stage.  We have fun playing board games together and he loves to tease us and make things up to see if we will take the bait. He has a very kind heart and is always looking out for the underdog.

We love these two!


Beck had an early birthday party because he was going to be performing in his latest play on his actual birthday. Who knew that gaming trucks were a thing? Not me. But this truck pulled up to his house with a trailer behind it and all the kids got onboard to play video games for an hour an a half. Perfect party for this boy and his friends! Then we had pizza and cupcakes and a called it a success!

My niece Kristinn came to town for her job with the EPA. We picked her up from the airport and had a great vegetarian/Indian lunch at Cosmic Cafe, then came back to our house to hang out. Sarah came by for a little visit but Miles and Jack were both sick so she couldn’t stay too long.  Kristinn treated Rich and me to dinner at El Vecino, our favorite little Mexican place right near our house, and then we took her to her hotel for the night. Had a great time talking about all kinds of topics and catching up on family news.  She had a meeting the next day and then headed home so it was a quick trip. So glad we got to see her!

I took Beck out for a treat after school one day.  It was super cold and windy but we decided we wanted Andy’s frozen custard anyway! We sat in the car and ate while chatting about life’s most interesting questions.  He’s a sweet kid!

My Buy Nothing group hosted a book gifting event at our independent bookstore around the corner, Lucky Dog Books.  We had a lot of fun meeting our neighbors in person, having some cookies made by one of our members and lemonade made by Rich, and getting to know each other better.  Plus we all got to take some books home.

Then off to see Beck perform in “Willie Wonka.”  It was really cute and all did a great job, including our talented Oompa Loompa!

Coolish Weather

It feels a little like winter around here. In fact, one day it was colder here than it was in my former home town of Unalaska, Alaska.  Of course, it’s Texas, so if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few days (or a few hours).  Jack spent the night, we went to the thrift store (our fave), played games, had breakfast for supper. Rich made some nice meals to warm my tummy, including my favorite tomato soup which is not pictured below.  For some crazy reason, Ms. Last Minute has already ordered and received her holiday cards and has already started addressing them. The true test will be the postmark, no doubt.

We went to see a one-woman play about Ann Richards and enjoyed being reminded of how smart and funny she was. We could use her around here today! A friend and I also attended a discussion at the new Holocaust Museum between a former white nationalist and a Jewish man. They became friends in college, ultimately leading to the white nationalist giving up his hateful ways.

I’ve been watching impeachment hearings and very proud of those true patriots who are coming forward to speak truth to power. Today I was with my Funky East Dallas Democrats friends as we began to get people registered to vote for 2020. Afterwards, Rich and I met several of my ex-husband’s family for lunch and catch-up. Always good to see them and to find out the latest news!