Sunday Funday

Well, not exactly, in a quarantine, but we make our fun where we can find it, right? Rich surprised me by bringing out the Scrabble board today. Usually we just play games with the grandkids and he’s not too much into it otherwise. I think he thought it would be a nice thing to do since I have been under the weather and anxious and maybe slightly complaining???

He got a bingo right off the bat with his first word, which was worth 70 points and I only managed to get 14 on mine. I was battling from behind the whole game and finally pulling up close near the end. I had a good word and thought I was going to pass him up and win! Then I glanced at the scoresheet and had the thought that I should check it because I knew he would challenge me if I won. LOL Sure enough, I had made a 10 point addition error in my favor a few moves back. Dang it! I caught it before the game ended and adjusted the score.  Of course he then ran out of tiles and won. 🙂

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