Sushi and Soccer

Of our eight grandkids, only Elle is an adventurous eater. Poor Chef Grandpa–he would love it if the kids would try new things but he is relegated to cooking burgers, spaghetti, mac and cheese, pizza, chicken strips, and the usual kid friendly items when they come to visit. Elle went through quite a long stint where she only ate pasta with butter every night! Much to our surprise and delight, she has suddenly become interested in lots of other foods and recently stated that she loves sushi! Well, that’s all it took for Grandpa to go wild making an elaborate sushi dinner for Elle and Sarah when they came to spend a soccer weekend with us. We had lots of fun dining and visiting and watching Elle play hard on the soccer field. Oh, and Sarah and I took a very brisk walk around the neighborhood, which gave me no time to take photos. That girl is fast!

Love it when we get to have time with the kids and it’s getting better now that we are vaccinated. Hurray!

Birthdays, Barf, and Scarf

We are rarely with the adult kids for their birthdays any more so we had a special dinner and birthday cake for Bonnie and David while we were in Amarillo. Bonnie’s is the end of March and David’s the beginning of April so it was a little early but we wanted to have a little party anyway! This year Bonnie turns 40 and I find it hard to believe I now have two kids in their 40s! Bonnie has had a crazy busy year with trying to teach through a pandemic, coaching middle school sports, helping David with his photo business, and doing all the Mom stuff required when you have three active kids. She is smart and funny and talented in many ways, always on the side of the underdog and looking for ways to make a difference. I’m so proud of her and love our conversations about life. David is a mere baby at 39! He’s the teacher all the high school kids love and confide in, the photographer everyone wants at their wedding, and the dad who brings the fun to every situation. We share a love of family, good food, interesting books and movies, and social justice. We’re so glad he’s part of our crazy crew. 🙂

I took some of my knitting with me and was working on a scarf when Luke asked me if he could have it. I told him I’d be happy for him to have it if he would really wear it and it wouldn’t just end up on the floor or in the toy box after a few days. He assured me he LOVED it and he would wear it so I finished it the next day and gave it to him. That sweet boy was so thrilled! Really made my day! He put it on and talked about how soft it was and “NOT ITCHY” on his neck and the best scarf ever. He wore it for the rest of the time we were there, especially cute with his short sleeved T-shirt. haha

Funny aside, the night before we were eating dinner and Emery had made some guacamole. Luke claimed he had never tried guacamole before, which surprised me because these kids love fruits and veggies and eat them regularly. But he insisted he had never had any so we convinced him to give it a try. He took a very small bite on a tortilla chip and immediately started gagging and heading for the trash can! We thought he was just being dramatic and making a big deal of not liking the guacamole, but after gagging over the trash can briefly, he started throwing up! We were so shocked! Poor boy!

Anyhooo, Rich commented that the green in the scarf reminded him of avocado so we started calling it the “avocado barf scarf.” Luke was having none of it and said the scarf DID NOT make him think of the avocado. 🙂

We also had a marathon with some of our favorite games, Garbage and Racko!

And just like that, the snow is gone

Bonnie and I went to “hot yoga,” OMG, it was definitely hot! I haven’t worked up a sweat like that in a long time. We went to Amarillo High, the kids played and I walked the track while Bonnie worked with some of her hurdlers. It’s fun to see her coaching again but this will be her one and only year coaching in middle school. Next year, she moves to teaching algebra and won’t have time to coach along with her classes and tutoring her students.

We also had some more chess playing, walked the dogs, and had a bunch of fun hanging out with these cuties.

Amarillo Crew Brings the Fun

Bonnie and David went out for their anniversary so we partied without parents one night. 😊 Emery and Grandpa made a pot pie and strawberry tarts for dinner from Emery’s cookbook. We all rated both 10/10! Emery also wanted to learn chess so she and Grandpa played games most days we were there. He said she caught on really fast. I took Luke to soccer practice where he smoked everyone in a footrace–he was flying! We painted rocks, read books, danced, watched part of “Hamilton,” and had some snacks before bed. And there was a blizzard forecast for the next day, even though the kids had been out in the yard in shorts throwing water balloons earlier! Crazy weather!