Spring Break Ends

We played Sushi Go, then the kids thought they were going to stay up all night. We let them sleep in the living room with the TV on and they did stay up pretty late. I had to get up a few times and ask them to “be a little more quiet.” LOL The next morning we had breakfast burritos and then started talking about milkshakes for some reason so Grandpa whipped up milkshakes. He’s a good sport. 😊 Susan and Corey headed home with their two and we drove Elle and Beck halfway to meet their mom. Sure had fun with everyone after a very limited year! Then it was just us and the cats and a quiet house…till the next day when we were off to Amarillo to see the rest of the kids.

And Aidan Turns 18!

Aidan’s birthday isn’t till the end of March but we always celebrate with him when he comes for Spring Break. This kid was my first grandchild, a boy born after I’d only been a mom to three girls. We had to learn all about boys and in addition to his mom, his two aunts and I always considered him “our boy.” We told him every day how much we loved him and what a happy baby he was. This turned out to be true and he’s always been a calm, peaceful, mostly happy child and teen. He has a kind heart, he works hard in school, holds down a job at McDonald’s, loves video games, hanging out with friends and riding and racing at the motocross track. We sure do love him and can’t wait to see what his future holds.

His parents came to town for the weekend so we had a nice birthday dinner together and the requisite ice cream and cake celebration after. The next day they continued their annual tradition of attending the big Supercross competition in Arlington while we took the rest of the kids to our old haunt, 7-11, to get snacks (completely remodeled since the pandemic…we hardly recognized it!), to the park, on a walk, then to see “Tom and Jerry” at the movie theater.