Our Little Artist

Emery is very artistic and creative in many ways–not only does she draw beautifully but she is also a wonderful writer and quite good at just about any creative endeavor she embarks upon. Recently she was one of 10 elementary students to win the Window on a Wider World Youth Art Show for the whole Panhandle region, which included a $100 prize. She was so excited!

She is not taking an art elective this year because she is on the 5th grade newsletter instead, but her art teacher from last year sought her out and asked her to submit an entry to the contest the day before it was due! Emery said “Sure!” and drew this lovely scene the night before it had to be turned in. She said their family’s time at their cabin in Angel Fire inspired the view.

All of the winners’ drawings were made into greeting cards and mine just arrived in the mail. We are so proud of Emery and I am enjoying sending out her cards. I wish I’d ordered more!