Hop On/Hop Off

Before we left Texas, we purchased some “Go Chicago” passes which included four items we could do in two days. The first day we decided to get the lay of the land on a Hop On/Hop Off bus tour and then we’d go back to some of the things that piqued our interest. Well, we also had some things in mind that we wanted to do, but this was a good start. Everyone got up early in good spirits and feeling better. Our hotel had breakfast so we went down to get something to eat before striking out for the bus station. It was such a beautiful sunny day! We wandered around, taking in the views before we found our spot to get on the hop on/hop off. We decided we’d ride the whole loop to see everything from the bus and then get off at the Shedd Aquarium when we got that far. Our driver was amusing and told us lots of fun Chicago stories as we rode around. About halfway through, I really needed to use the bathroom and we were getting kinda hungry so we decided to get off and have some lunch before resuming the rest of the tour. That’s why they call it hop on/hop off, right?!

We went to Portillo’s for lunch and had Chicago dogs or beef sandwiches, all very tasty. Had a potty break and then walked around the neighborhood for awhile because we had to wait for the next bus to come by.

Back on the bus! We got off at the Shedd Aquarium, which was AMAZING, but my phone died so I didn’t get many photos. We got to pet sturgeons, starfish and stingrays–super cool! We saw a beluga whale show and the girls got splashed by the whales. Aidan loved the sea otters and wanted to take one home. 🙂 We saw a bunch of different fish and the dolphins were very cute. A favorite stop!

Really, really, really great first full day in Chicago! We love it here!

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