Architectural Boat Tour

After our shopping morning, we walked back to the hotel to meet up with the guys and head for the pier for our previously arranged architectural boat tour. Rich and I were very interested in doing this activity and I think the kids were sorta “blah” about it but were humoring us. Once we got going, they loved it and it ended up being almost everyone’s favorite thing we did. Our guide was fun and engaging and told us lots of facts about various architects, architectural styles, and the evolution of Chicago architecture over the decades. After the big Chicago fire, the whole direction of city planning and building changed into something more progressive and dynamic.

It was a little breezy but sunny and nice outside. The kids were very attentive and learned a lot. We all especially liked the “city within a city” where people’s cars had to be valet parked backwards so the cars wouldn’t go off the edge (with or without people in them) into the river!

2 thoughts on “Architectural Boat Tour”

  1. Uhm…something seems to be missing from the architectural tour…but I can’t put my finger on what it is. If I ever get to Chicago again I will have to do this. And, I was reading about the Chicago fire recently and looking at newspaper photographs of the damage–very sobering. (And no, there is no credible evidence that the cow kicked over a lantern. The family was in bed asleep when the fire started, but urban legends die hard…or hardly ever die.)


    1. LOL I can’t remember all the architectural specifics any more and I am too lazy to do research. I leave that to you. 🙂 You would enjoy the tour when you go back! And we did hear that the cow story was just a legend.

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