Navy Pier

The kids were very excited to go to Navy Pier! We had our Chicago Pass which allowed us a ride on the giant Ferris wheel as well as some additional rides. Elle was very nervous about the Ferris wheel and wasn’t sure if she wanted to get on it. We told her no biggie, she could skip it if she didn’t want to ride. With some encouragement from her cousins, she decided she would give it a try….and of course she ended up loving it.

Next they wanted to ride on some swings that whip you around in a circle but it was closed due to high winds. We thought it was a little odd that this ride was closed but the Ferris wheel was not…??? We did ride the carousel; well, the females did. The males were too cool for that.

After wandering around a bit more, we decided to eat at Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” restaurant on the grounds. First off I went to use the bathroom and was directed to the back of the bar by some workmen who were hanging lights on the ceiling. There was no one in the bar but I guess it was not open yet. I used the toilet, thankfully only #1, flushed, turned my back on the potty while I washed my hands, kept hearing water running, turned around, and the toilet was spewing water up into the air! OMG! It totally freaked me out. I jiggled the handle hard and it finally stopped. There was water everywhere! I came out and told the workmen I was really sorry that apparently that toilet is not working properly and I caused a flood in the restroom. They looked at me and one of them said, “oh, yeah, you’re not supposed to go in there!” I said “that’s where you sent me!” They basically just looked away and I sheepishly headed back into the restaurant to tell the rest of our group what I had done. They got a good laugh about that!

When we finished dinner (and laughing), we thought we’d walk to Millennium Park and the famous “Bean.”

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