Clean the Block Initiative

Local Democrats came out in force to help clean up a neighborhood in South Dallas with the Clean the Block Initiative. A young man named O’Neil took it upon himself to start this initiative with goals to educate people about code compliance, keep them out of trouble with the city and avoiding fines that they cannot pay, as well as getting rid of trash in various neighborhoods that are under-served. He’s forged a coalition with the city and is gathering volunteers to assist with his efforts. Our friend Kristy is the new Democratic Party Chair and put out a call for us to join in so a bunch of us showed up on a Saturday to clear out some trash. It was HOT HOT HOT but we got a ton of work done and felt really good about it! City Code Compliance was also there in case any of the neighbors had questions or concerns, the police assisted, and we had folks doing voter registration at the same time. A different area will be cleaned once a month so we hope to get back out there again (and maybe in the fall it will be a little cooler!). It was super to see lots of different people working together on a common task and I am very impressed with the young folks who are spearheading this project!

Back to School

All of the grandkids are back to school as of today. We have a high school senior (how did that happen?), two 8th graders, a 6th grader, a 5th grader, a 3rd grader and two 1st graders! Plus two teachers! And Emery’s at Bonnie’s school this year, though she will not have her in class till 8th grade. Jack is at a new school, walking distance from their house in Tyler. Beck is also at a new school–he auditioned and got accepted at a public performing arts magnet school so he is very excited.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful and healthy year despite all!


It’s pretty quiet around our house after our very busy summer. Too hot to walk so I started doing laps in the pool again. Not as interesting and no pix to share! Thanks for the fun cards and letters, Linda, Martin & Alex, Susan, Donna, and Paul. I joined a nonfiction book club and these are the most recent books, both very interesting! Made a photo book of our awesome Chicago trip. And some of my pandemic knitting. 😊 Plus some thoughts.