20 Years??!!

We’re in Tyler for a few days babysitting Sarah and Miles’ three kids while they are off on a trip to celebrate 20 years of marriage. Yes, 20! I am not sure how I have a kid who has been married 20 years. And since I am on marriage #2, she’s been married longer than I have (this time). LOL

Last night we played some games after dinner and got everyone down for bed. The house is being remodeled so most of the bedrooms are out of commission–Jack has been sleeping on a couch in Sarah and Miles’ room, Beck has been sleeping in Jack’s room, and Elle has been sleeping on the living room couch. We started out with Jack with us in Sarah’s room, then one of the dogs and the kitty joined us, and eventually Beck came in, too. He couldn’t sleep so he and Rich watched the video of Rich’s cataract surgery. How’s that for late night fun?

Around 5 AM, Jack got in bed with us and the kitty and after awhile I switched with him and got on the couch. Needless to say, no one slept great and when the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, I was very tempted to stay in bed. BUT that was not an option with three kids needing to get to three different schools on time. Elle loves it when we are here because we get up early and they don’t have to rush around–she likes to gripe about her parents sleeping too late. LOL

Thankfully they are all independent and just needed a few reminders to be ready to go. Rich took Beck to his school, Elle got picked up by a friend, and I walked Jack to his school a few blocks away. Got to go in and meet his teacher, who told me what a sweet boy he is (which we know very well)!

The water is off while the remodelers work on plumbing, Rich has gone back to sleep, and I am catching up on a few things. We may go look around Tyler a bit since we have never really explored much when we’ve been here, and get some lunch while we’re out. It’s like a mini vacay! 🙂 Well, except for the part about taking care of three kids, two dogs and a cat. 🙂

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