More Tyler Fun

Last night Elle and Rich made orange chicken and fried rice. Elle enjoys cooking with Grandpa and is one of our more adventurous eaters! Dinner was delicious and Beck’s friend Elliott joined us.

Another 6:30 AM morning today and everyone got off to school on time, whew. Rich had made sticky buns from scratch last night but he wasn’t too thrilled with the way they turned out. However, the rest of us thought they were pretty darned good, except Elle who has braces and said they were too sticky. 🙂

Rich drove Beck, Elle got picked up, and I walked Jack to his school. Today he didn’t want me to come in and said goodbye on the sidewalk, then I headed back up the very steep hill to their house! Getting a small amount of exercise at least! Did some housework and laundry and then Rich and I continued our “vacation attitude” by eating lunch at The Grove, a place Sarah had taken me once before that has outdoor dining. I had an excellent tomato basil soup and fancy grilled cheese sandwich and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine. Rich remarked that we were a bit under-dressed as we watched all the fabulously put together “ladies that lunch” file in. Oh well, these people will never see us again, right?!

The schedule was full today as Beck stayed after school for rehearsal for a play he’s in, and Elle stayed after for volleyball since she is the team manager while recuperating from foot surgery. Meanwhile I picked Jack up at school and we came back to do homework, practice spelling words, read, eat something, and get ready for baseball. Rich and I took him to his game while the other two kids had rides home from their activities. Jack did great, got two hits and his team won the game. By the time we got home, it was 7:15 so we ordered some burgers, gave him a quick bath, finished homework, practiced again for the spelling test tomorrow and read more books that have to be turned in on Friday. OMG, I had forgotten how stressful it can be when your kids have too many things to do at once! And I am competitive enough that I want him to get 100 on his spelling test and not have a bad grade on my watch. LOL

One more early morning tomorrow and then we can chill out till Mom and Dad get home on Sunday night.