Putt-Putt Golf

This is becoming one of our traditions in Tyler. We were going to go in the AM before it got hot but I thought to look up the hours since it was Sunday and sure enough, they did not open till 1 PM. By the time we got there, it was already in the 80s. The kids wanted to play both courses so we got a family pass and began on course #2 since there were other people starting course #1. Almost immediately the kids began bickering about who would go first and who moved their ball and who wanted a “do-over,” and so on. There was a family behind us and the mom kept laughing in a sympathetic way and rolling her eyes at me. I finally told the kids that we could just go on home if we weren’t going to be happy and have fun. LOL

Meanwhile Beck got a hole in one and that cheered him up, only to have Jack get a hole in one right behind him. I think that irritated Elle because she didn’t get one. We carried on and got to hole #9, which I thought was the last one, and I was admittedly happy about it. Come to find out, no, each course was 18 holes–I thought it was 9 and 9. So we took a break and got some cherry-limeades while sitting on a picnic table under an umbrella. (Later Beck said they were the best cherry limeades he’d ever had…just in case you ever go to Tyler and want one). After a rest and a drink, everyone was in better spirits and we carried on, though getting hotter and sweatier by the minute. Jack was on fire and got three more holes in one, much to everyone’s shock and amazement. 🙂

In the end, Grandpa won, as usual, with Elle right behind him, the boys tied in the middle and Gigi, also as usual, pulling up the rear in the scoring department. 🙂

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