Goodbye for now, Durhams!

Sarah and Miles were not going to get home till later Sunday night and Sarah texted me a weather report that heavy rain, high winds, hail and possible tornadoes were expected in Dallas around the time we would have been driving back. We decided Rich would drive home after dinner to beat the storm and be there with the cats, plus he had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Then Sarah would drive me halfway to meet him the next morning.

So he left and I finished straightening up the house, folded laundry, got the kids to bathe and get ready for bed and for school the next day. Jack was asleep when the parents arrived but the other two were still up and were really happy to see them! Sarah and Miles had a wonderful relaxing stay in Mexico and made it home around 9:30. We chatted a bit and then I talked with Rich who said the storm was not that bad, though our pool umbrella had somehow flown out of the hole in the table and was on the ground.

The next morning I walked Jack to school while Miles took Beck and Sarah took Elle. Then Sarah and I met Rich at our favorite halfway point, Duke’s, which has home made fried pies and brownies to tempt us any time we stop in.

Another fun visit and more memories made with the grandkids! Jack and I worked very hard on his spelling words all week and when he came home Friday he was convinced he’d made 100 on his test. Unfortunately he didn’t get the test back while I was there so I am waiting to hear! I am slightly competitive about those sorts of things! 🙂