Arts, Crafts, Swimming

Busy day! We went to three different stores to find supplies for the craft projects Ada picked last night. Who knew that no one in Dallas had plain square paper plates or contact paper?? Finally found plates at Party City and one of my Buy Nothing neighbors was gracious enough to give me some contact paper after we got home and I posted a plea for help. (Love my Buy Nothing group!) While out, we got snacks at 7-11 and somehow managed to get three free Slurpees, score! And also finished getting the kids’ school supplies at Target. Here are their craft projects: paper plate picture frames and sun catchers.

These kids love the pool! I’m so glad they enjoy it. They spent hours one day making up a song and dance routine in the water. So cute (and they’re pretty good!)

Road Tripping to Amarillo: Spring Break 2

Bonnie and David were supposed to go on a trip with some friends to celebrate Bonnie’s upcoming 40th birthday. They were leaving on the weekend when we still had the other kids but we told them we’d come and relieve the babysitter, then stay through their Spring Break. Unfortunately their friend’s grandpa died so the trip was cancelled but Bonnie said they weren’t going to do anything else so we should come on anyway and visit.

Emery spent her own money on a kids’ cookbook so she could cook with Grandpa. How cute is that? And we played games and did some arts and crafts.

Pop-Up Cards

Always fun and always more complicated than they look! Emery made a pop up of a doggie for her great grandmother in Amarillo, and the kids all worked on a pop up of a peacock for their other great grandmother, my mom in New Jersey. Somehow the photo of the finished peacock card with sentiments written in it has disappeared from my phone. Take my word for it, it was cute and sweet. Luke tired of the card making and moved on to creating paper airplanes. I love it that these kids are all very creative and enjoy making crafty stuff, even though I am not very crafty myself. One of my friends commented on Facebook that I should open a craft store and I laughingly said I was only at little kid level craftiness. Still, it is fun to work on projects together and make some memories along with our creations.

Decorating Glass Stones and Playing our Least Favorite Game

Most days we started out with something artsy/craftsy which the kids love and it gives them something to do besides TV or devices. 🙂 These glass stones are easy to work with–you’re basically just gluing a picture or design to the bottom of the stone and it shows through the glass when you’re finished. Once again, I thought they’d each want to do one or two but they wanted to use up the whole box. 🙂

Later they wanted to play “Apples to Apples” which ALL of our grandkids love and Gigi and Grandpa dislike it intensely. We’ve played it with adults before and that’s a lot more interesting and enjoyable, but when you have a kid who can’t read yet and several who don’t necessarily understand the definition of a word, added to the fact that EVERYONE wants to be “the judge,” it’s just not the most exciting hour of our day! Still, we will engage for awhile just because they like it so much.

Hiding Rocks

It’s been really hot but we decided to take a quick walk and hide the kids’ painted rocks around our area. We left one in a neighbor’s yard and then went to the nearby park where the kids hid quite a few more and took a break to play awhile. We then walked out the other side of the park and down a few residential streets where they hid the last of them in some trees and in a couple of yards for people to find. By then we were all VERY hot! We hurried home, got right in the pool, and then had a little snack-y smorgasbord for lunch.