Back to School

All of the grandkids are back to school as of today. We have a high school senior (how did that happen?), two 8th graders, a 6th grader, a 5th grader, a 3rd grader and two 1st graders! Plus two teachers! And Emery’s at Bonnie’s school this year, though she will not have her in class till 8th grade. Jack is at a new school, walking distance from their house in Tyler. Beck is also at a new school–he auditioned and got accepted at a public performing arts magnet school so he is very excited.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful and healthy year despite all!

Fun Stuff and the Rest of the Grandkids Go Back to School

Bonnie and David’s kids had school postponed till September 1. They were excited to finally go back, despite masks and precautions. Here’s hoping they have a great year and the virus doesn’t run rampant! The parents are also back to full time in-person teaching. I am anxiously awaiting news about how that’s going. Bonnie said she’d catch me up this weekend because she literally had no time all week. I imagine it is hectic!

Meanwhile Sarah said her kids’ school has already had three cases of the virus but is not shutting down (yet). Then her kids all had sore throats and Elle had body aches so they were tested for covid and strep. Jack (whom she said complained the least) has strep and the other two are “fine,” but are staying home from school till Tuesday out of caution. I think this is how the forseeable future is going to look.

Meanwhile, we had a fun Zoom call with our friends we met on an Australian cruise several years back. We have stayed in touch with them and have visited the three couples in the pic a few times in various locations. We’ve been getting lots of mail lately, which I love! My friend Tammy sent me the “Nasty Woman” pennant and the postcard from Maupin, OR, my niece Brooke sent a thank you note (we sent her a wedding gift and then she had to postpone due to the virus, but she has had a lovely attitude!), and I got a card from a friend I’ve known since 5th grade in Germany. We usually only communicate at Christmas but she was on my recent postcard list so I was happy to hear back from her! Keeping in touch with people has really helped me deal with the restrictions of the times. I’m still knitting the same scarf but making progress! We ordered more masks since ours were getting a bit bedraggled. And I had to snap a pic of the yard sign I saw while running errands one evening.

Happy Birthday, Miles, and some of the kids head back to school

Happy birthday to our son in law Miles! We have the best conversations about life, he’s smart and funny and talented, a great dad and husband, and all around good guy. We love you, Miles! 🎂💥🎈🎁🎉🎂💥🎈🎁🎉

Sarah and Miles’ kids go to a private school in Tyler, where classes are fairly small and they are taking lots of precautions so they have returned to in-person school this week. Elle is in 7th, Beck is in 4th, and our little Jacky Boy is starting Kindergarten! Fingers crossed everyone will stay safe!

A day later, Aidan and Ally returned to school in Clyde. They’re in a little town and a fairly small school district as well, so the decision was made to go back in person. Ally is in 7th and is trying out for the volleyball team. Last time we saw her, she had some pretty good skills so hopefully she will get to play. I don’t know if it’s the same as when my girls were in school and everyone who wanted to play was able to play but they divided them up into A Team, B Team and C Team based on abilities. I’ll be waiting to hear from her! Aidan is a high school junior and that just blows me away! How can this kid be getting so grown up? He will start an aircraft mechanics program this year, a joint effort between his high school and Texas State Technical College. He is pretty excited and it will give him a good boost into a career if he completes the program. He said it doesn’t start till the 31st so right now they are meeting in the library and doing “book stuff” to prepare.

Meanwhile, the Amarillo crew is postponed till September, even though their parents are already back at school doing their prep duties. It will be interesting to see how the school year plays out. I know people on both sides of the equation, those who think kids need to be at school regardless of the risk, and those who would not send their kids for a million dollars because they think it’s unsafe. I suppose I am fortunate that I don’t have kids at home any more and am not a teacher so I am not as emotionally invested in the issue. I worry about my grandkids (and my daughter and son in law who teach) but I guess I think it’s worth a try to see if schools and families can handle it and keep everyone safe. I worry about parents who have to work and can’t leave their kids at home to do online schooling and don’t have a reliable child care arrangement. I worry about those families who don’t have the resources to make online school work. I worry about those who don’t have accessible internet or a quiet place to log on for school. And I worry about the virus spreading through classrooms. It’s such a weird and uncertain time. Here’s hoping we get through this relatively unscathed (but what are the odds?)

Slight Detour

Meanwhile, all of the grandkids are back to school so I have to do a little post about them. This year Aidan is a sophomore, Ally and Elle are both in 6th grade (in different towns), Emery is in 4th, Beck is in 3rd, Luke is in 1st, Ada is in Kindergarten and Jack will return to his preschool after Labor Day.  He turns 5 in September but it’s too late for Kindergarten. Love all these sweeties so much and hope they have the best year yet!

Happy Birthday, Miles, and Back to School for the Kids

Our son in law Miles turned 40 on August 19.  I know it’s a cliche but I really cannot believe he is 40!  He and Sarah went to high school together and I knew who he was back then but didn’t really get to know him well till they were in college. Still, I have known him for more than 20 years now and he has been a part of our family for almost that long.  We are pretty big buddies and have great conversations about many topics.  He is smart, talented, funny, hard working, a great dad, and an all round good guy.  Happy birthday, Miles! We love you!

Summer is over and the grandkids have started a new school year.  Well, technically, Jack has not gone back to preschool yet–his doesn’t start till after Labor Day. We have a 9th grader, two 5th graders, a 3rd grader, a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and two in 4-year-old preschool.  So far, so good; everyone reports liking their teachers and enjoying school at the moment!  Oh, and it’s son in law David’s 14th year teaching economics at Amarillo High! Here’s to a great year for all!