Weekend: Bball, Futsal, and a Reunion

Beck is playing basketball with some boys from his new school and has really stepped up his game this season.  The last couple of years, even though he wanted to play, he didn’t seem overly into it or quite sure of the rules. We went to his game this morning and, although his team got beaten pretty badly by their opponent, he was quite the little player, giving it his all, running up and down the court, defending with fervor, and he even stole a ball, dribbled down and made a basket. Yay, Beck! He was very proud of himself and I think it will help his confidence.


Elle’s soccer team is playing in a 5 on 5 Futsal tournament this weekend so we had to check it out. Never heard of Futsal before! It’s played on a hard floor at a smaller indoor court with a smaller, low bounce ball.  Wow, super fast paced and very competitive, it was really fun to watch and, of course, Elle dominated as usual! That girl is good!

I’ve mentioned before that I have stayed close with some of my ex’s family, including two of his aunts who live in Dallas.  Aunt Lue had a birthday on the 11th and her daughter Susan came in from California for a visit, as well as planning a dinner celebration at a restaurant for Saturday night. Our family was included but the invitation said 8 PM to 10 PM, which made Sarah decide it was too late for her kids. She never could find a sitter so Miles was going to stay behind.  I told Sarah we’d pick her up at 7:30 because I did not want to be the ones who showed up late!

I had a little moment of panic Saturday evening thinking 8-10 PM was pretty late for the 80 and 90 year old aunts, and what if I had misunderstood? I dug back though my emails and had an e-vite to an event which plainly stated 8-10.  Still for some reason I had a feeling of unease and I almost texted the other aunt, Frankye, to ask her if that was correct. But then I thought, well, I have the invite right here and that’s what it says!  I brought all of this up to Rich and he thought I was just being silly and obviously it couldn’t be wrong.  So we started getting ready and about 6:30 Rich said I had a text from Susan which said, “hey, are you coming?”  OMG. I wrote back, “Yes! My invite says 8-10, is that wrong?”  She said, “No, honey, it’s 6!”  I couldn’t believe I didn’t follow my instincts and confirm with someone beforehand.  She called me and I apologized profusely and told her that I had even pulled the invitation back up and that’s what it said. She couldn’t understand what could have happened; said everyone else’s was right and they were all there. So we told her we would rush and we got into high gear.  I called Sarah and she said she was nowhere near ready and would just meet us there.  Then Susan texted back and said she was really sorry and the invitation WAS wrong.  Because the rest of them had been together, they all knew the correct time without really looking.  I felt a little better knowing that I had not messed up.  🙂 We finally arrived an hour late but everyone was in good spirits and no big deal.  Poor Sarah was even later, having gone to the wrong location first and then driving over.  The restaurant kept her dinner warm in the back but she arrived along with our desserts! All in all, a wonderful time was had despite the comedy of errors–and we stayed till 10 PM anyway!  So much fun to catch up with both aunts, Susan and her brother Steven, Frankye’s daughter Kim, whom I had  not seen in many years, her husband Gene and their daughter Summer.

Little Dudes in the House

We’re keeping the boys for a few days while Sarah and Miles are out of town with Elle for a soccer tournament.  We went out to dinner Friday night because Rich had a “kids eat for $1” offer (with adult entrees).  Of course we still ended up spending a fortune because Rich had a drink, I had iced tea, the kids had juice, we all had dessert, etc.  I don’t know why we think we are gonna get a bargain when we do this! LOL But we had a good time with Beck and Jack and it was a nice evening out so we’ll count it in the positive column.

Saturday morning Beck had a basketball game.  Instead of making kids come out to practice once or twice during the week and playing games on the weekend, this league has practice immediately before games.  Kinda nice to do it that way, even if you do have to stay a little longer on Saturdays.  I had set my alarm for 7:30 so we could be out of the house by 9.  When the alarm went off, I awoke with a start because the kids usually wake us up earlier than that. Technically I considered the alarm a back-up. 🙂  I walked by Beck’s room and he was not in bed but found downstairs playing.  I asked him what time he got up and he replied, “I don’t know but the sun was sort-of up.”  We all got ready and even arrived at practice early–pretty good for Gigi and Grandpa!  In fact, we were the first ones at practice so Rich worked with Beck a little bit and Jack wanted to get in on the action on the court as well.  After the coaches and the rest of the team arrived, we sat on the sidelines and watched practice, then all of us transferred to the next-door gym for the game. Although their team eventually lost by 4 points, Beck did a good job running the court and even made two baskets! We were very proud!  After the game, he was a little upset because one of the kids on the other team had been “very rude” to him, saying “You know you’re sad because you’re LOSING!”  I told him that’s called “trash talking” and unfortunately it can be common in sports.  I advised him just to ignore it because the other kid is trying to throw him off and get him angry.  This discussion continued into the car where Rich began giving Beck suggestions of “comebacks” to say to the kid if it happened again, which led me to say, “This is not helpful!”  We did have some laughs about silly things that could be said but settled on either ignoring or telling the kid to stop and, of course, to report to an adult if it became too hard to handle.

Then to the Donut Depot for a treat on the way home…

Last night we played games and watched a movie during which Beck noted that some guys were “trash talking”–I was impressed he put all of our discussion together and recognized it for what it was!  At bedtime Beck read some books to his brother, which is always super sweet to see.  After I got Jack down, I found Beck sound asleep with a book still open.  Too cute.

We’ve had a lazy Sunday, watched another movie and played a game, now just hanging out.  Parents and sister will be back tomorrow night.



Hoopin’ it up

Aidan is playing on the 7th grade basketball team at school and we’ve been wanting to go to a game all season long but it never seemed to work out.  Monday was his last game so we drove to Clyde for the day, hung out with Susan till the kids got home from school, played a game of Rack-o with Ally, went to eat pizza, and then to Aidan’s game at 6:30.

Seventh graders are pretty tough!  They had a hard fought game which ended up tied 17-17.  They then played an overtime period but no one scored so I guess the tie stands.  Both teams were pretty scrappy, went after the ball, and tried to grab it from each other at any opportunity.  They weren’t the best at shooting baskets but they sure did try!  Aidan made two points so that was pretty exciting!

We had a lot of fun at the game and I’m sorry we didn’t get to see more of them.  I wanted a photo of us with Aidan in his uniform but he skedaddled to the locker room and changed before we could get his attention.  Because I had  volunteer work the next day and we were expecting a furniture delivery as well, we headed back home.  Quick trip,but I’m glad we did it!

Weekend Update

Wow, there sure has been a lot going on!  I am shocked and amazed every day by the new Administration and its shenanigans.  We had quite a bit of excitement at DFW airport when the refugee travel ban came down and there were individuals and families detained as they arrived in Dallas with valid visas and green cards.  I was pleased to see lawyers volunteering their time, supporters showing up in large numbers to protest and bring attention to the issue, and even our mayor and a county judge greeting and apologizing to those who were finally released the next day.  I REALLY wanted to go to the airport but we were keeping grandson Jack for a few days and I decided it probably wouldn’t be best to subject him to the crowd and the noise.  I did tease his mom that I was thinking about breaking him in early and taking him along to a protest.  🙂

A few days ago I went with about 40 other people to our US Representative’s office to discuss the Affordable Care Act with his aide.  The aide was great; he listened, took notes, acknowledged our concerns, and didn’t argue or dismiss our worries.  I am not too hopeful anything will happen with our very conservative Rep but it was good to make contact and make our voices heard.

As I mentioned, we had Jack for four nights while the rest of the family went skiing.  He is such a sweet kid and usually very happy and agreeable.  It was cold so we didn’t get out much but we did take him with us on the one warm and sunny day to dig up the garden, lay down some compost, and get ready for spring planting.  He had lots of fun digging in the dirt.

I picked Elle and Beck up from school the day before their trip and we went out for some frozen yogurt.  According to all reports, they had a blast skiing and did great on their second time out on the slopes.

We’ve also been to a couple of Beck’s basketball games. Oh, my goodness, 6 year olds are a hoot on the bball court.  They don’t have a clue!  They are improving game by game and Beck made a basket tonight!

And our son in law Corey had his birthday on Feb. 2.  Corey’s a fine husband and father, a very hard worker, a reliable and responsible guy, not to mention funny and lots of fun.  And he tolerates his liberal in-laws pretty well, thankfully!  We love you, Corey!

My reading is very political these days.  Check these out.

Help refugee organizations by purchasing one or more of these posters.  🙂

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Happy weekend, friends.  Let’s work for justice.