Another 8 Mile Day!

After a little rest in our room, we walked to the waterfront tonight and enjoyed wandering around. I sent the teens photos of the Ferris wheel and the duck boats–reminded me of our Chicago trip and they would have had fun here as well!

We weren’t super hungry and couldn’t decide where to eat so we just went back to the hotel restaurant. Big mistake–the pricy burgers were not great, the fries not crisp, they forgot our pickles on the side, the waiter was snooty, but at least I got my tea in a NJ glass. LOL

Italian Market and Mexican Lunch

So interesting and fun to walk through different neighborhoods–something we love anywhere we go! The market had all kinds of great produce and other foods but since we are staying in a hotel and leaving soon, we didn’t buy any of the lovely items. Although it was the “Italian” market, we’ve had a lot of Italian food already and more to come so we decided to get Mexican. It did not disappoint!

Philadelphia Sights

Our hotel was in a lovely historic area so we could walk to most of the most iconic landmarks–Independence Hall, Betsy Ross’ house, the Liberty Bell, Carpenter’s Hall, Ben Franklin’s gravesite, The President’s House which now includes information about slavery in the early US. The African American History Museum was nearby, as well as an old Quaker Meeting House. We were right around the corner from a fire station with friendly firefighters waving to us and a big mural on the next building celebrating their profession. I found a little store where I could buy some tea and snacks and we later cracked up reading all the reviews online about how mean the owners are.