Hey, September!

We returned from vacation and hit the ground running, back to the routine and busy as ever.  I rejoined my knitting group after missing all summer and finally finished a scarf to be donated. We cleared out our garden plot, getting ready to plant for fall.  I picked Jack up from school one day and he spent the night another night, requesting a trip to the thrift store. He’s my thrift store soulmate. We made another big haul and came home with lots of goodies, then I took him to meet some of his little buddies at a gym class. My friend Kathy and I went to see Alex Counts on a book tour–he was the founder of the Grameen Foundation and formerly worked for an organization called RESULTS with which I was also involved years ago in Abilene. I told him we were probably on some of the same conference calls.  🙂

Not pictured: visits with local kids and their parents, workshop with the Funky East Dallas Dems to begin work on 2020 elections, really fun dinner with friends, my usual volunteer work on Tuesdays, met with a trainer at the YMCA, working the Census, trying to keep up with chores! Happy September, everyone! What are you up to?

Community Garden

Well, our gardening has been a mixed bag this year. Last year we felt like we were hitting our stride and had some great produce so we thought this summer would be amazing with all of our experience and new found knowledge! We started out well, harvested a LOT of really good potatoes and some delicious tomatoes, some onions and leeks and greens, but since then we’ve had two major storms and an infestation of some sort of bottom rot on the tomatoes throughout the community garden. Now our plants are petering out–few tomatoes are left, one eggplant is all that has popped out so far (remember how many eggplants we had last year???), and a few peppers still hanging in there. The cantaloupe is growing but we haven’t seen any fruit yet. I am afraid we will be disappointed!  Very sad!


Sarah’s crew have been cycling through a tummy virus so we had Jack part of one day while she and Beck were home being miserable. Poor things. He’s always fun and we enjoyed playing games and hanging out.  He was watching a movie while lying on the top of the couch so I went over to take his picture because he looked so cute.  He said no, wait, then ran to pose with Grandpa. I swear! This kid!


Saturday we went to the spring social for our community garden at a local brewery. We’d never heard of it and didn’t know where it was but it was packed with people watching the Dallas Stars’ hockey game.  I don’t know, to me there’s just something wrong with Dallas having an ice hockey team.  I can remember watching the Philadelphia Flyers back in the day and that seems more like hockey country! Anyway, we gardeners had a nice little gathering, ate some bbq and visited a bit. From there Rich and I went to early voting for City Council and Mayor.

My brother Joe and sister in law Denise live in Jackson Hole but after Joe got out of the Marines (years ago), he joined a Reserve squadron that flew out of Dallas.  He’s not in the Reserves any more but this past week they came to town to attend a reunion and visit some of his Marine buddies who live in the area.  Sunday morning they met us at Elle’s soccer game and then we all went to Sarah’s where Rich cooked brunch for all.  He had stayed back with the boys because Beck still wasn’t feeling his best and once Jack learned that Grandpa was staying, he wanted to stay too.  🙂  We had a nice time catching up with Joe and Denise and glad we got to see them for a little bit.




We celebrated my youngest, Susan’s, birthday on the 11th. Though she will always be my baby, she’s not such a baby any more but a wife and mom and hard worker as a CNA at a nursing home, taking care of vulnerable people who need someone like her who will treat them well and spread a little kindness into their lives.  We love her and appreciate all she does!

We also celebrated my mom in January, 88 and still going strong! She’s feisty and fun and full of life. We always have a blast when she is around!

Rich and I married on my mom’s birthday in 2005. It just happened to be our day off! Thanks to this guy for a calm, peaceful, interesting and fun life.  He’s the best!

Our greens have continued to flourish despite the winterish weather.  It doesn’t get all that cold in Dallas so they have managed to survive despite a couple of freezes.

Met up with these cool peeps for lunch before Kyle and Ingrid went back to France. I envy their life abroad!

Fall is Upon Us

Rich and I met my sister in Austin for a big rally for Beto O’Rourke, running for Senate against the horrible Ted Cruz.  Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Leon Bridges and several other artists performed and, of course, Beto gave a rousing speech. We had a great time in the cool evening weather, just hanging out with 55.000 of our new best friends.  I am hoping beyond hope that Beto can win, though I know it’s a long shot.  I’ve been doing a lot with the Funky East Dallas Democrats, registering voters, block walking, organizing, meeting, and we are pushing hard for change in Texas. We may not see it this time, but I think it’s coming!

Planted our fall garden: lots of lettuces, kale, chard, brussels sprouts, cilantro…plus we still have eggplant, peppers, herbs, and Rich’s leeks are coming back up.  And dinner: eggplant two ways, moussaka and rollatini.  🙂

Rich and I went to hear Doris Kearns Goodwin talk about her latest book, Leadership in Turbulent Times. We enjoyed all that she had to say and she told some funny stories about the presidents she’d researched. She knew LBJ quite well and spent a lot of time with him helping with his autobiography.  She said he had taped various conversations while he was in the White House but was irritated because he couldn’t remember details about other discussions or events. At one point he met with Richard Nixon and advised him that he should tape everything! LOL So Nixon can blame Johnson for the Watergate debacle.  Rich is reading her book right now and I will get it next. 🙂