Quick Visit to Clyde

We drove to Clyde to see the kids and to watch Ally play volleyball. Arrived early afternoon and spent some time chatting in the front yard, thankfully it was not too hot outside! Susan was off work and the kids did not have school because of a teacher work day, except Aidan had one virtual class through TSTC for his aircraft mechanics class. We waited for him to finish and then drove over to Abilene to have a late lunch on the patio at Rosa’s. Then back home to hang out for awhile longer, Corey got home from work, and we got ready for the volleyball match.

We had to buy tickets in advance because Susan said they limited the number of people in the gym. Also masks were required. Well, obviously this was just “on paper” because once we were in the gym, hardly anyone was wearing a mask and everyone was squeezed together in the bleachers, yelling and talking and laughing without masks. We stood at the end of the gym against the wall by the door and tried to distance as much as possible. A couple of women kept coming closer to us while chasing a toddler and did not seem to notice or care. I really wanted to tell them to “give me 6 feet!” but I was a little afraid of getting punched out. I just kept moving further away. Rich left the gym a couple of times and went outside in the fresh air. Our friend Karen came over after work and it was good to see her for a little while.

Volleyball was fun and Ally did a great job on the front row. I totally don’t get the new rotation system where kids just come in and play a certain few positions and go out again instead of rotating all the way around like they did when my girls played. Ally basically played three positions in the front row and then rotated out. They started out doing well and then got behind and lost the first game, then lost the second one as well so that was that. We visited outside for a few minutes and took some pictures before heading back to Dallas.

It was a long day but Rich didn’t want to spend the night. We stopped to get gas and a drink and although the store ‘required’ masks, there were two guys in front of us that didn’t have any on. Just like in the gym, I wanted to say something but I was reluctant. The cashier was an older woman who was wearing a cute Halloween mask so I complimented her on the mask and then said “I thought y’all required masks and those guys sure weren’t complying.” She said they try but it is hard to enforce it. I felt for her, especially after she said she has COPD and is a cancer survivor. Made me angrier about those young guys who were so selfish and couldn’t have cared less if they infected her.

We got home about 10:30 and slept in the next morning. I think our long day wore us out! Fun to see the kids and catch up on their news. I’m sad we don’t get to see them more often but everyone is busy and we have the added complication of the virus to contend with. Aidan and Ally were really sweet to sit and talk with us outside when they probably would have rather done something else. Aidan says he is really liking his aircraft mechanics program and he has also gone back to work at McDonald’s because he was “a little bored.” I’m glad he has a good work ethic and it will give him some spending money. Ally loves school and is doing well, is a little social butterfly and likes being around her friends. They are getting grown up but still very kindhearted kids.

October, Please Be Kind to Us

Went by the White Rock Center of Hope for my friend Bettina’s birthday (she’s the one on the phone). It was good to see Gabriele and Dianne as well. The whole system has changed due to Covid–no clients in the building at all and everything is done by phone. It’s probably more efficient, but less personal. I am thinking about going back soon because it seems pretty safe….hopefully. I miss volunteering there and hanging out with my friends.

We picked up our first Comeback Creek Farm box of the fall season. The lettuce and kale were so delicious! I am not sure how we will use up all that squash but Rich will probably find a way. More highlighting of voter flyers, cards in the mail from family and friends as well as a new hoodie from Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence, I started on my 500 tiny piece Springsteen puzzle from Sarah and it’s gonna take me awhile!

I’m glad to be out walking again!