Vote Him Out

We’re into the home stretch for the election and it’s getting a bit fever pitched here in my part of town, home of the Funky East Dallas Democrats. These people are SUPER organized and I love them for it. The days of me wanting a leadership role are long gone (even though sometimes I think I know better and have an urge to take over…but not for long). I am happy as a worker bee and others can have the glory and the headaches! Lately I have had a little assembly line of my own and have highlighted thousands of voter info flyers with the names of each precinct’s candidates. The flyers come in stacks of 50 and I will have you know that I can highlight one stack in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Rich helped me finish some the other night and we had a little race after he said he didn’t believe I could do them that quickly. Well, lo and behold, he was even faster than I was. I can’t hold it against him, even though we are both pretty competitive about some things. I’m just glad he helped me get them done.

I’ve enjoyed more mail from family and friends (seriously, the mail makes my day and I am always a little disappointed when nothing “fun” arrives). Went to the store and the pumpkins are out so I guess that means autumn is here. And I started knitting a baby hat for a friend. It’s going well so far, but I am a little worried about finishing the top. Fingers crossed!

Weekend Update

We’ve been having some beautiful fall-ish weather in Dallas.  Of course, who knows if it will last.  It could be 90 again tomorrow (I didn’t bother to check the forecast). Rich has been busy doing lots of yard work and fixing things up outside.  Ajax and I hung out on the front porch “spotting” Rich in case he fell off the ladder with the power trimmer in his hand. Thankfully he did not.  🙂

Grandson Jack came over for an hour yesterday morning while his mom volunteered at the kids’ school and dad went to work.  We had a nice visit and then I took him to his preschool.  Did a little shopping to spruce up our apartment before some friends come to visit from out of state on Monday.  Had a coupon from Nothing Bundt Cakes–buy one bundlet, get another free, so of course I had to stop by and get a red velvet for Rich and a lemon for me. I thought I was getting the mini bundts that are kinda like cupcakes but these were actually small cakes.  Dessert after dinner!

I’m a little obsessed with all of the horrible news lately.  Hurricanes and fires and people suffering in too many places in the world.  Our ridiculous president and his responses to those disasters.  Should I say his disastrous responses to those disasters? Mass killings and yet the NRA and the administration pursue the “more guns, all the better” philosophy.  Dismantling the Affordable Care Act, which Rich and I rely on at the moment.  Doing away with subsidies for health insurance, which we again rely upon.  Thinking about canceling the Iran agreement.  Inept and incapable appointees at every cabinet department. Honestly, how can anyone support these f-ing morons? I wish Tillerson would just admit that’s what he said and be done with it.  Despicable Harvey Weinstein is finally confronted publicly and once again the floodgates open with more and more women telling their stories. I am so sick of (mainly) old white men who think they are entitled to do and say anything they want to women. Every woman I know has encountered these guys throughout our lives.  Isn’t it time for it to end?

With that in mind, read on and try not to be too despondent.  Yes, I am in a mood.  🙂

Higher premiums predicted for people who supported Trump.

This.  I really don’t get it.

Sociopathic baby men. 

It’s The Onion but it rings true.

Okay, a feel good story. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a national treasure.

I’m impressed with these local folks in the American Black Cross. 

Allrighty, have a lovely weekend, all. Get up, stand up, resist.