This is What Democracy Looks Like

I am consumed by the election and have been working nonstop poll greeting, block walking, highlighting flyers and distributing flyers, and I cannot think about much else till tomorrow is done. Poll greeting has been lots of fun and super inspiring. I’ve met first time voters who just became old enough and first time voters who are new citizens, a woman in labor on her way to the hospital, a woman on an oxygen tank in a taxi, people on walkers and in wheelchairs, people of all ages and ethnicities, people who rarely vote but decided this year was too important to miss, couples and families of all configurations, parents bringing children to teach them how urgent the situation has become. It gives me hope that TX has been moved to a “toss up” state rather than a definite Republican stronghold. In the end, I still feel that TX will break my heart when all the votes are cast, but no one can say I didn’t give it my all. 🙂 Even if Biden doesn’t take TX, we have a good chance to win some state and local elections and put more progressive individuals in those seats.

I keep thinking what if Trump wins again and I am furious about the Electoral College, voter suppression, voter intimidation, Republican lawsuits to keep votes from counting, the freaking Supreme Court, Republican enablers of Trump who haven’t had the ethics to stand up to him, anyone who still thinks he is a worthwhile human being or president. I don’t want to live my life in a rage but I need to get through the next few days or weeks or whatever it takes to determine the outcome. The thing is that Trump getting reelected probably won’t affect Rich and me personally all that much (other than our mental health and perhaps our Social Security??). But I can’t help but worry about all of those who will be severely affected by his administration’s policies or lack thereof, the criminality, the hate and discrimination, the loss of so much that we hold dear. Biden was not my first choice but I have been encouraged by his stance and I feel he will at least surround himself by good, smart people who believe in science and human rights and equality. Maybe it’s a pipe dream but if nothing else, he’d be better than what we have now.

Tomorrow it’s all on the line. Do your part to save democracy….please.

Here are way too many photos but I love them all. Be heartened by your fellow citizens.

“Lit Sticking”

The time has come for the many, many Funky East Dallas Dems to get out and distribute our voter literature. We ordered giant sticky notes that we leave on doors of confirmed or potential Democratic voters, thus the shorthand phrase “lit sticking.” Saturday and Sunday, volunteers came to our leader Kristy’s house, which we have dubbed “FEDDquarters,” to pick up their literature, get directions and help with the phone app we use, and pick up some swag. My friend Kathy and I were in charge of merchandise so we had fun hanging out and chatting with people before hitting the streets to work our own precinct. Once we are finished with our East Dallas precincts, we will be helping similar groups in Garland and Richardson. I think we are distributing something like 130,000 pieces of voter information. Let’s do this!

Vote Him Out

We’re into the home stretch for the election and it’s getting a bit fever pitched here in my part of town, home of the Funky East Dallas Democrats. These people are SUPER organized and I love them for it. The days of me wanting a leadership role are long gone (even though sometimes I think I know better and have an urge to take over…but not for long). I am happy as a worker bee and others can have the glory and the headaches! Lately I have had a little assembly line of my own and have highlighted thousands of voter info flyers with the names of each precinct’s candidates. The flyers come in stacks of 50 and I will have you know that I can highlight one stack in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Rich helped me finish some the other night and we had a little race after he said he didn’t believe I could do them that quickly. Well, lo and behold, he was even faster than I was. I can’t hold it against him, even though we are both pretty competitive about some things. I’m just glad he helped me get them done.

I’ve enjoyed more mail from family and friends (seriously, the mail makes my day and I am always a little disappointed when nothing “fun” arrives). Went to the store and the pumpkins are out so I guess that means autumn is here. And I started knitting a baby hat for a friend. It’s going well so far, but I am a little worried about finishing the top. Fingers crossed!

Is That Fall in the Air?

We got home Saturday evening and all was well with the kitties and the plants and the house. I am one of those who likes to unpack immediately and put everything away, so I did that and started some laundry. We called our travel day a fasting day since we’d been eating daily on our trip, so there was no need to round up any dinner. It’s funny that I used to hate fasting and usually whined if Rich suggested it; I almost always got a headache and didn’t feel well if I didn’t eat anything. Now I don’t care at all and I almost look forward to my fasting days.

Sunday we puttered around the house, talked with some of the kids, my mom, Rich’s sister for her birthday. I got in the pool to do my laps and kicks since we didn’t walk nearly as much as I expected we would in Colorado. The pool was actually cold after feeling like a warm bathtub most of the summer. After a shower, I met with my knitting group by Zoom and had fun catching up with everyone. We got a lot of mail while we were gone–some cards from friends, my new Book of the Month, Caste, which I have been looking forward to reading, a couple more photo books and a bunch of postcards from Syracuse Cultural Workers so I wrote some notes to put out for the mailman this morning.

Today it was only 79 degrees when I got up but I dallied too long over my hot tea and it was up to 81 when I finally went out for a walk. Still it was shady and breezy for about the first 30 minutes and then I was definitely sweaty by the time I got back to the house. I am interested to see the changes in scenery, which make walking the same streets a little more enjoyable. I’m also doing a project for the Funky East Dallas Democrats where I note addresses that have either Democrat or Republican signs in their yards, so we can clean up our list. I am happy to report that Dem signs far outweigh Repubs in my little corner of the world.

Rich went to Costco and stocked up on some food since our cupboard was bare. Later we drove to Lowe’s to purchase wood stain for the back fence that we power washed. We’re supposed to have some weather this week so I am not sure when we will get started but I am happy we’re ready to go!