North Carolina

Sunday morning we sadly said goodbye to Mom after another fabulous visit on the East coast. Off to Durham, NC!

We were happy to see my cousin Kirby (actually, her mom is my cousin, which makes her my first cousin once removed if you’re keeping track LOL).  I hadn’t seen Kirby in quite a few years but we’ve kept in touch on Facebook for awhile now (what would I do without Facebook?!)  We relaxed and chatted at the house for awhile, then she took us to see Duke University, where she works.  The chapel was very impressive and the grounds were so beautiful!  Then we went to the American Tobacco Historic District for dinner and wandering around.  It’s pretty cool the way that Durham has taken all of these old tobacco warehouses and made them into neat little shops and restaurants. We had a great dinner of NC barbecue (more vinegar-y than Texas barbecue), greens,  and crispy fries, the way Rich and I like them (soggy fries are not on our best loved list).

It was lots of fun to catch up on family news and to hang out with Kirby.  We left Monday  morning when she went to work and stopped in Greensboro to see my Aunt Jeanne and cousin Carmina for about an hour.  I hadn’t seen them in many years, either, so it was another good stop along the way.

Our final destination for the night was Birmingham, AL, with our friends Adrienne and Bill. We originally thought we would arrive around 5 PM but we ran into lots of traffic, delays, detours, and crazy GPS directions telling us we could save 10 or 20 or 30 minutes by taking an alternate route that invariably led us on some sort of wild goose chase which only added more minutes to our trip.  Eventually we arrived at 7:20 PM!  It was a very long day on the road and we were beat but our friends had pizza waiting for us and we had  to watch the first Presidential debate together so we couldn’t crash too early!