Quick trip to Clyde to watch Aidan race. We thought the track was closing down and it would be his last race on his home track. Got there and Corey said someone had offered to buy the track so it probably wasn’t closing after all. Had fun watching Aidan doing his thing, got to visit with Corey and Ally (Susan was working so we missed her altogether!) and had dinner with friends Karen, Kaci and Kaci’s cute stepdaughter Natalee.

School’s Out! It’s Summer!

Everyone had a pretty good year and soon we will have a preschooler, a kindergartner, a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, 4th grader, two 6th graders, and a high school sophomore. Whew! Elle, Beck and Emery went to sleepaway camp, Ally and Beck attended a fun day camp at the public library here in Dallas, Jack played baseball, Beck joined a swim team, Aidan won 2nd place in a motocross race, Elle played a lot of soccer, Jack wrote a funny description of his Mom, Ada and Emery had dance recitals.  Love these fun kids!

April Doings

Happy birthday to our son in law David on April 6.  He’s usually behind the camera so it’s hard to find many pictures of him! He’s smart and funny, great at being a dad, a teacher, a photographer, and a human being. We always enjoy our wide ranging conversations and his thoughtful opinions. Even better, he’s a lot of fun! We love you, David!

Beck was in his school talent show last week.  All of the 1st grade boys took part in a song and dance number with a sports theme.  They were super cute and I may be biased but Beck was the best dancer out there and sung his heart out with lots of feeling.  🙂  It was especially cute and funny at the end when all of the boys ran off the stage and Beck stood there looking out at the audience. I don’t think he realized everyone had left. We got a little chuckle out of that.  I didn’t get pix during the show because of the lighting but here are a few that Sarah got later.

And Aidan was busy with his favorite thing: motocross racing.  We weren’t there but Susan sent some pix.  We will get to see him race Memorial Day when we go to visit.

Jack had another soccer game and it was freezing but at least he had fun playing this time!  🙂