Wytheville VA

Had a nice dinner at Graze on Main, inside the Bolling Wilson Hotel—no, we are not staying there. 😊 Edith Bolling Wilson, First Lady, was born in Wytheville. We wandered around downtown after dinner and saw the famous giant pencil so my life is complete. Then back to our hotel, Country Inn and Suites. Not as fancy as the Bolling Wilson, but hey, free breakfast.

Jackson TN

When we’re overnighting somewhere, I always look up the town and see what points of interest there might be. I am sure Rich would prefer just to go to the hotel and relax but he humors me when I say there’s something fun to do, let’s go!! Jackson is known for its downtown murals as well as several music related museums but after a long day of driving and some delays along the way, we didn’t get to town till almost dark. Unfortunately I did not get to see any museums from the inside and we couldn’t find all the murals before we had no more daylight, but we did enjoy what we were able to see.