Amarillo Crew Brings the Fun

Bonnie and David went out for their anniversary so we partied without parents one night. 😊 Emery and Grandpa made a pot pie and strawberry tarts for dinner from Emery’s cookbook. We all rated both 10/10! Emery also wanted to learn chess so she and Grandpa played games most days we were there. He said she caught on really fast. I took Luke to soccer practice where he smoked everyone in a footrace–he was flying! We painted rocks, read books, danced, watched part of “Hamilton,” and had some snacks before bed. And there was a blizzard forecast for the next day, even though the kids had been out in the yard in shorts throwing water balloons earlier! Crazy weather!

Spring Break Ends

We played Sushi Go, then the kids thought they were going to stay up all night. We let them sleep in the living room with the TV on and they did stay up pretty late. I had to get up a few times and ask them to “be a little more quiet.” LOL The next morning we had breakfast burritos and then started talking about milkshakes for some reason so Grandpa whipped up milkshakes. He’s a good sport. 😊 Susan and Corey headed home with their two and we drove Elle and Beck halfway to meet their mom. Sure had fun with everyone after a very limited year! Then it was just us and the cats and a quiet house…till the next day when we were off to Amarillo to see the rest of the kids.

And Aidan Turns 18!

Aidan’s birthday isn’t till the end of March but we always celebrate with him when he comes for Spring Break. This kid was my first grandchild, a boy born after I’d only been a mom to three girls. We had to learn all about boys and in addition to his mom, his two aunts and I always considered him “our boy.” We told him every day how much we loved him and what a happy baby he was. This turned out to be true and he’s always been a calm, peaceful, mostly happy child and teen. He has a kind heart, he works hard in school, holds down a job at McDonald’s, loves video games, hanging out with friends and riding and racing at the motocross track. We sure do love him and can’t wait to see what his future holds.

His parents came to town for the weekend so we had a nice birthday dinner together and the requisite ice cream and cake celebration after. The next day they continued their annual tradition of attending the big Supercross competition in Arlington while we took the rest of the kids to our old haunt, 7-11, to get snacks (completely remodeled since the pandemic…we hardly recognized it!), to the park, on a walk, then to see “Tom and Jerry” at the movie theater.

Spring Break Fun

Ally went with me to my volunteer work at White Rock Center of Hope. All the “old ladies” loved her and remembered her from last year and the year before. It’s different right now because we are doing everything on the phone but we still found some things for her to do.

Later we took a walk and I could hardly keep up with her! It’s the fastest I’ve walked in awhile and no time to take photos. haha

Ally Turns 14!

March 8 was birthday #14 for this sweet girl! Ally says her favorite class is reading and this year she’s played volleyball, basketball, and now running track for her school. She’s always smiling and happy, kind and helpful, fun and funny, and loves her family and friends. She’s beautiful inside and out and we’re very proud of her. We love you, Ally! So glad we could celebrate together! ❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️

We had pizza for dinner at her request, then took an evening walk before celebrating with cake and ice cream. We almost always get to celebrate her birthday with her during Spring Break–added bonus!

More Spring Break Fun

Susan and Corey had plane tickets for Las Vegas for part of Spring Break and decided to go ahead and go, despite the current worries. We lectured them about hand washing and sanitizing everything they came into contact with, and told them we did not want them bringing anything home to the “old folks.” Originally they were flying in and out of Austin because they found less expensive tickets, but Corey was able to call and switch to Love Field without any additional cost. That made it lots easier on them and would put them back in Dallas the following Sunday to pick up Ally. We had lunch, played a few rounds of Sushi Go, took a walk around the neighborhood since it was a warm, sunny day, then Rich fixed dinner before we took them to the airport. Fun to see them and get to visit unexpectedly!

Sarah, Miles and kids were supposed to be here Friday through Sunday for a soccer tournament and visiting with Ally (and us). But the tourney was cancelled so we decided to drive over to Lake Tyler Friday and let the kids visit. Ally and Elle are very good cousin friends and actually Ally gets along great with the boys, too. She’d been looking forward to seeing them and we didn’t want her to be disappointed. We packed up Friday AM and stayed over till Saturday late afternoon. Not a lot of time to visit, but they packed in as much fun as they could!

Sarah and Miles have purchased 50 acres near their lake house and are planning to build some cabins along with a wedding venue. We took a walk around the property and enjoyed hearing about their vision for their latest project. These two always have an idea! We’re excited for them!

We had a quiet last night with Ally; Grandpa made spaghetti and we watched the latest “Jumanji” movie, which Ally had already seen but REALLY wanted us to watch.  🙂 This morning we got up and ready to go to the airport to get her parents at noon. We were sitting in the cell phone lot when a plane landed right in front of us. I said, “I wonder if that was their plane,” right before Susan texted “Just landed.” I’m pretty sure we watched them come in. 🙂  Since they’d been on the dirty streets and casinos of Vegas, we settled for elbow bumps and brought them back to the house for a few minutes while they got Ally’s stuff loaded into their car. They were anxious to get home and it’s a 3 hour drive back to Clyde so we said our goodbyes. We sure did have a good time with Ally–that girl is super easy to have around and always happy and pleasant. We’ll miss her!

Now Rich has gone to the store to stock up a bit (no, we don’t need toilet paper or hand sanitizer) so we can begin our self imposed “social distancing” effort. We don’t have a lot going on so we are contributing to the public good by staying inside as much as possible. My volunteer work is cancelled for this week. We are still awaiting word about our cruise to Barcelona in April but it is not looking hopeful. 😦

Wash your hands and stay healthy out there, people. I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Busy Days

We went to see “Little Women,” which Rich and I enjoyed. Ally was not quite sure about it but she was a good sport and said she liked it by the end. She said “it was confusing at first.” She’s never read the book and the movie hops back and forth in time so I can see where it might not make sense to her.  We’ve played lots of games and Grandpa’s fixed her favorite meals…predictably pizza, tacos, burgers, etc. 🙂 We’ve taken a walk most evenings and she likes getting on the swings at the park when we go by. She went with me to my volunteer work at the White Rock Center of Hope and was a big help to everyone, straightening up and rearranging the book shelves in the waiting room, wiping down clipboards since we are trying to be extra hygienic these days, greeting people, and chit chatting with all. The “little old ladies” loved her and told her to come back any time. She said she would like to do that so maybe in the summer she can return.  After the Center of Hope, we stopped in at a laundromat and left some kids’ books to be given away.  We made a Target run and she found a bathing suit she wanted for her birthday gift…then had to jump in the pool to try it out, despite it not being all that warm yet! We’ve watched movies at home and let her have a little bit of her iPad time. I will say again that this kid is really, really pleasant to be around and we are so enjoying our time with her. We miss her brother and it’s the first time she’s come without him since he’s now a working boy. They pick at each other and I didn’t think she’d care too much but she says she wishes he were here. That’s pretty sweet.