Quick Visit to Clyde

We drove to Clyde to see the kids and to watch Ally play volleyball. Arrived early afternoon and spent some time chatting in the front yard, thankfully it was not too hot outside! Susan was off work and the kids did not have school because of a teacher work day, except Aidan had one virtual class through TSTC for his aircraft mechanics class. We waited for him to finish and then drove over to Abilene to have a late lunch on the patio at Rosa’s. Then back home to hang out for awhile longer, Corey got home from work, and we got ready for the volleyball match.

We had to buy tickets in advance because Susan said they limited the number of people in the gym. Also masks were required. Well, obviously this was just “on paper” because once we were in the gym, hardly anyone was wearing a mask and everyone was squeezed together in the bleachers, yelling and talking and laughing without masks. We stood at the end of the gym against the wall by the door and tried to distance as much as possible. A couple of women kept coming closer to us while chasing a toddler and did not seem to notice or care. I really wanted to tell them to “give me 6 feet!” but I was a little afraid of getting punched out. I just kept moving further away. Rich left the gym a couple of times and went outside in the fresh air. Our friend Karen came over after work and it was good to see her for a little while.

Volleyball was fun and Ally did a great job on the front row. I totally don’t get the new rotation system where kids just come in and play a certain few positions and go out again instead of rotating all the way around like they did when my girls played. Ally basically played three positions in the front row and then rotated out. They started out doing well and then got behind and lost the first game, then lost the second one as well so that was that. We visited outside for a few minutes and took some pictures before heading back to Dallas.

It was a long day but Rich didn’t want to spend the night. We stopped to get gas and a drink and although the store ‘required’ masks, there were two guys in front of us that didn’t have any on. Just like in the gym, I wanted to say something but I was reluctant. The cashier was an older woman who was wearing a cute Halloween mask so I complimented her on the mask and then said “I thought y’all required masks and those guys sure weren’t complying.” She said they try but it is hard to enforce it. I felt for her, especially after she said she has COPD and is a cancer survivor. Made me angrier about those young guys who were so selfish and couldn’t have cared less if they infected her.

We got home about 10:30 and slept in the next morning. I think our long day wore us out! Fun to see the kids and catch up on their news. I’m sad we don’t get to see them more often but everyone is busy and we have the added complication of the virus to contend with. Aidan and Ally were really sweet to sit and talk with us outside when they probably would have rather done something else. Aidan says he is really liking his aircraft mechanics program and he has also gone back to work at McDonald’s because he was “a little bored.” I’m glad he has a good work ethic and it will give him some spending money. Ally loves school and is doing well, is a little social butterfly and likes being around her friends. They are getting grown up but still very kindhearted kids.


Yesterday we drove over to Tyler to watch Elle play volleyball with her 7th grade school team. We intended to get to Sarah’s around 4 PM to have time to visit a little and then follow them to the game. We left our house a little early so we could stop at the Lowe’s in Mesquite to get more stain for our fence (the store here only had one container of the color we wanted…of course). Made that stop with no problem and got back on the road. Rolling along just fine for awhile and then suddenly hit a big traffic jam where cars were backed up for miles. We got off at the next exit and followed a side road for what seemed like forever. Eventually we passed the traffic and the GPS told us to get back on I-20. It looked clear so we did. Well, that was a huge mistake!! We had not gone a whole lot further till we were at a complete standstill. We sat there for the longest time with the GPS updating that we’d get to Sarah’s at 4:20, 4:30, 5 PM, and it even said 8 PM at one point. LOL I was texting with her and eventually we decided we’d just meet them at the school if we could even get there in time for a 5:30 game. Finally traffic started moving again and we were able to get off at the next exit, clear the jam again, and get back on. We couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on, didn’t see a wreck, but the hazardous clean up crew was there so we assumed there was some kind of spill. Made it to the school and had no idea where the Jr. High gym was but got some directions from another grandpa walking through the parking lot. 🙂

We sat on the end of the bleachers where the girls stored their backpacks so there weren’t any other people with us. Mask wearing was spotty even though it was supposedly “required.” I think people wore them into the gym and then took them off. Thankfully none near us, except three of the players sat on the bottom row below us without theirs. The girls wore their masks when they weren’t playing but not when they were. I’m not sure how you are supposed to keep everyone safe playing sports, honestly. 🙂 Elle’s team won the match and she did a good job. She had some trouble getting her serves over and was in tears when we walked out. I felt for her–she is super competitive even though her mom reminded her this is “just for fun.” I think she is really hard on herself. Of course we did not care how she did and we were just happy to see her and the rest of the family. We took a few pix outside and then left to make the trip back home. Thankfully the traffic was light and we had no issues. 🙂 We stopped at Buc-ee’s for a bathroom break and “dinner,” which these days means something eaten in the car. I had a Kolache and Rich had a BBQ sandwich, then back on the highway toward home.

The Fun Continues

I got to take Luke to school one day while Bonnie went to “Muffins with Mom” at Emery’s school.  She said she never gets to go to anything like that because of her kids going to different schools in different parts of town so I was happy to help.  After school, Luke said he learned how to make a craft and wanted to teach us so we all made “pieces of pie” and pretended to eat them.

Bonnie and David used to have two labs, Josie and Jake, but both passed on within the last several years and they were reluctant to get another pet with their busy schedules. Their kids LOVE animals of all kinds and have been begging for a dog so B&D gave in and found the cutest rescue pup that they’ve named Millie Claire. The kids absolutely adore her and she is pretty sweet, if a bit “in your face.”  Bonnie said the cutest thing is that Millie loves to go with her to pick the kids up from school and is always so excited to see them. So we took Millie along with us to get Ada and Luke one day (Emery had a ride). Bonnie said Millie usually lays on the console nicely or gets in the passenger seat but I don’t know if it threw her off that I was in the car (and in “her” seat) because she was pretty antsy in the car and kept climbing back and forth. We got Ada from preschool and stopped at Texas Tea to get everyone a drink. We gave Ada her drink and somehow she managed to punch her straw through the cup in three different places so it was leaking all over the place.  We cleaned that up and proceeded to Luke’s school next.  Luke got in and we gave him his drink, while Emery’s drink was in the cup holder behind the front seats. As we drove off, Millie tried to climb up on the console but I put my arm up to prevent her from coming forward, causing her to slide backwards and put her paws on the drink, smashing it down and spilling it everywhere. I think Bonnie was annoyed with me that I blocked the dog but I was trying to keep her from hitting our drinks in the front. LOL That backfired, obviously.  Bonnie had to pull over and clean up the mess and said something to the effect that she should have left Millie at home because she was being too wild. Not to mention Gigi, the not so much a dog person, interfering with her fun. 🙂

Emery is playing volleyball for the first time and really loving it. She had her first game on Saturday while we were there so we were excited to get to go.  Her birthday party at the roller rink was also supposed to be Saturday evening. Well, that morning we were getting ready for volleyball when Bonnie got a text from the owner of the rink saying that they were going to have to cancel. They’d had the floors resurfaced and something had gone wrong so they were having to shut down and re-do them. Oh, no! Thankfully Emery took it very well and Bonnie got to work contacting all of the parents of the kids who were invited. The owner called after awhile and told them he’d reschedule them for December and take off their $75 deposit for the next party. David told him no, he thought he should offer the whole party for free. The owner said, well, good idea, since the floor resurfacing company would be the one paying for it.  So at least they are getting a free party a few weeks late.

Then off to volleyball, which was really fun and the girls did a good job. Emery returned a couple of hard volleys right over the net!  She is still not quite strong enough to get her serve over but she was close and it will come soon, I’ll bet.

We were going to see my niece Bryana and her girls at the party but since the party was cancelled, we invited them over for dinner.  Bryana is pregnant with #3, another girl whom they are naming Violet to go along with their other flower named daughters Lilly and Daisy.  We enjoyed seeing them and catching up on news while the kids ran around and played together with their second cousins.

The next morning Bonnie, David and kids had to be at church early for their nephew’s baby dedication so we said our goodbyes when they left, stayed a little longer to get ourselves ready and headed back out for Dallas.

March, So Far

We voted in the Democratic primary and took Jack along as he was staying with us that day.  Doing our part to turn Texas blue.  Or at least purplish.  🙂  Stopped by the garden and then came back to our place to play for awhile.


I’ve so enjoyed watching Elle play volleyball this season. The whole team has really grown and improved in their skills. We watched her final tournament, in which her team took 2nd place against older, bigger girls and showed a lot of heart and determination, plus some amazing plays. So proud of these Emoji Aces!


Workday in the community garden is always fun because we get to visit with more of our fellow gardeners and spruce things up in the common areas.  I worked in the butterfly garden while Rich helped haul wheelbarrows full of mulch.  We were both pretty tired by the time we got home, but hurray for a good workout!


My brother Joe, sister in law Denise, daughter Ellie, her husband Blane, and Blane’s dad came through town so we all had a great dinner by Rich at Sarah’s and a lot of laughs with all.


Granddaughter Ally turned 11 years old, hard to believe! She is a sweet, chatty girl who is very outgoing and makes friends wherever she may be. She has a kind heart and a big smile for everyone! She’s silly and sassy, smart and funny, great at reading, basketball and softball, not to mention beating us regularly at board games. We love it when she comes to stay with us and she’s one of our best travel partners ever! We love you, Ally!